Thursday, August 29, 2013

Trade ideas for Thursday, August 29th
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Trade ideas for Monday, August 26th

Many SHORT ideas from Tim Knight at the Slope of Hope:

The beegg wieners in my 80 markets I keep track of each week were once again the precious metals, our big winner was the Nas Dogs, QQQ, followed by the transports, IYT, the little guys, IWM, and materials, XLB, some of the udder world Country winners were the ones that have been beaten up lately, like Ireland, EIRL, Russia and Brazil, RSX and EWZ, one surprise winner on there was bonds, TLT, as of course in the NEW World order of market's Bonds go UP with our stock markets, and of course, they also go DOWN when our stock markets go down, which could be interesting down the road.

I was pretty surprised by the loser's, I thought there would be more of the Bear funds in the leaders but it was just the QID, most of the loser's were of the udder World markets, just chock full of them, which of course you won't hear about on Bubblevision as the only thing that matters is that OUR markets go UP, hahahahahaha! Turkey and Thailand just got shell lacked, TUR and THD, losing about an average of 9%, can you imagine if OUR markets went down 9% in a week, woooooo weeeeeeee! EWM and EWS lost over 4%, with EWW and EWH clocking in with about 3%, I sure am glad every thing is so GREAT!!

The $NYSI hasn't turned up yet, but at least it "may" have stopped going down so much, making a lower low than it made in June.

The $NYAD's definitely bounced this week, and held ABOVE those same June lows, so that's good, for now at least.

Bonds No Safe Haven from Stock Market Risk
Bond yields spike to a 2-year high
By Elliott Wave International
The rise in bond yields has puzzled no less than the Federal Reserve chairman. But Elliott Wave International has repeatedly warned that the three-decade-long bull market in bonds was set to end. Now, EWI looks ahead again to make a bold prediction about bonds. Read more.

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