Monday, August 19, 2013

YEEEAAAAAAA, Ivica is back from Vacation:

Stock pick for Monday, August 19, 2013
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The beeg wiener's for the week on my market monitor that cover's 80 assets, were any thing, precious metal related, oil, or nat gas, on a country basis the Commies were the big winner, FXI, followed by Peru, EPU, Italy, EWI, S. Korea, EWY, Austria, EWO, two of the natural resource Countries showed up, Canada and my Aussies, EWC and EWA, I actually sold out of my EWA earlier in the week at $24.25, expecting to be able to pick them back up at much lower levels, but they don't seem to want to go down with our markets, hahahahaha, what's sa matta with you people, don't you know how bad things are down there????

The loser's were any thing interest related, like IYR, XLU and TLT, the IYR is just a gnat's ass from being in a bear market over the last quarter, lucky for us the housing stocks don't know it yet. On a Country basis we were led down by our neighbors to the south, Mexico, EWW, as their market headed, well, south, followed by Chile, ECH, Brazil, EWZ, India, EPI, Singapore, EWS, our big loser was the DOW, DIA, as those mega cap DOT.COM consumer staple stocks led us lower, followed by the little guys, IWM, SPY, and financials, XLF.

Nothing thing changed on the indicators this week, both the $NYSI and $NYAD continued to head south, in fact they picked up some steam the last few days, there is one interwesting thing though:

The $NYMO is getting, "THERE", as minus 100 is, USUALLY, the level where the "markets" are over sold, and you can expect a dead cat bounce before the next horrific drop into never never land (HOPEFULLY!!).

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