Thursday, August 01, 2013

Strange stuff it is, strange stuff, the $NYMO at the top was actually NEGATIVE today, the main men, the $NYAD's in the middle, have, STILL, not broken over the highs made on May 22nd, and the $NYSI at the bottom actually triggered a SELL SIGNAL today, closing under the 10 MA.
In normal times these would be EXTREMELY negative indicators for what's ahead in the markets, but, of course, sigh, these are NOT normal times, what with the A-hole at the FED pumping billions into Da Boyz on Da Street every day. I mean, I have no doubt they will keep pumping us much higher during the over night sessions so we get shit action during the ACTUAL market hours, and keep their lackey's at Bubblevision being able to yell and scream about the new highs, and try and suck in every last retail left out there that is not invested in this thing.
I continue to concentrate on individual equities and over seas markets and stay away from these POS domestic markets, one reason being is that we are the third most expensive market in the world, just behind Japan and Mexico, equity-valuation-by-country. I sincerely hope that you are dollaring down on this fantastic run we are getting, and if you are, I sure hope you are socking some away for a rainy day as well.
Good luck to you.

PS: I forgot a little item, my market monitor, that is still a work in progress, which measures the stocks making 4% UP/DOWN moves, naturally had a big jump in the number of stocks making 4% UP moves today and on the weekly time frame, but in a mind blower the stocks making 4% DOWN moves ALSO increased today and for the week, hahahahahahahahahahaha, geeze, I'm tellin Ya, strange stuff it is.

Here's another cute little item that undoubtedly don't mean diddly fricking squat, the Shiller P/E is higher than at any point prior to major market tops over the last 130 years, with the exception of the tops in 1929, 2000 and 2007.

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