Wednesday, September 04, 2013

20 LONG ideas from The Chart Swing Trader:

The StockBee has a nice list of possible break out stocks for next week for you stock junkies, Breakout Anticipation setups for swing traders, I'll probably be watching these four:

Next week is the official start of the trading year, as Da Boyz come back from their billion dollar summer cottages in the Hampton's and start messing with every one again. September is the fiscal year end for a lot of companies and fundies and hedgies, etc etc etc, plus our public servants come back from their three month paid vacations to DC and start doing the complete opposite of what we elected them for, as they govern "AT" the people rather than "FOR" the people. Volume won't really start to pick up until the second week as the first priority of business for the Aholes in DC is to meet with their Wall Street master's and get their game plan's for their massive insider trading schemes, which of course has made them the richest conglomeration of butt holes on the planet.

I do sincerely wish every one the best of luck this year, Washington need's as many new millionaires on the tax rolls as they can get, Wooooo Hoooooo, go get'em people!!

Hahahahahaha.......HAH! Speaking of the start of the year, I just checked my mail box and I have 22 new emails in the "Promotions" tab of my new gmail format, hahahahaha, the pay for player's aren't wasting any time trying to get new customers! Ya Know, and I've actually done this in year's past, you could actually, PROBABLY, use up an entire year doing nothing but taking the "FREE TRIALS" they offer, usually like two weeks or so, and check them all out over the course of the year to see if any of them are worth a damn to you. 
Of course, I can save you a LOT of time, and recommend that if you like to swing trade, just sign up with Ivica, Sign Up for Ivica's Free Trial and Trading Signals 
Naturally, as a disclaimer, and just so you know, I act as an affiliate of his, I've known him since around 1999 when we both started around the same time in Toni Hansen's first live trading room.

Of my 80 markets I keep track of there weren't many winner's this week, 14 in fact, and they were all inverse funds or oil related, also bonds, TLT, and there were two countries, EWT and EWM. 

The loser's were legion, GDX led it followed by a whole bunch of country ETF's, from Spain, EWP, at minus 6.59%, down to Israel at minus 3.56%, the Europe ETF, VGK, lost 4.01%, I guess another one of our POTUS illegal military interventions in a another Countries civil war affects them more than us. Of our main indexes the Trannies lost the most, IYT at -3.60%, XLF at -3.09%, IWM -2.70% with the DIA the best at -1.32%.

The $NYAD's did absolutely zip this week, staying flat on the dead cat bounce, and looking to break the recent lows.

The $NYSI is looking, quote, "Better", as it's starting to shift it's momentum a little, but is still a long way from a new long signal, the MACD is "possibly" setting up to make a cross at a higher low, if it can get a new signal soon.

Bonds No Safe Haven from Stock Market Risk
Bond yields spike to a 2-year high
By Elliott Wave International
The rise in bond yields has puzzled no less than the Federal Reserve chairman. But Elliott Wave International has repeatedly warned that the three-decade-long bull market in bonds was set to end. Now, EWI looks ahead again to make a bold prediction about bonds. Read more.

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