Friday, August 16, 2013

If I were a betting man, your R/R for INTC just don't get any better than this, it's pulled back EXACTLY to it's break out level at $22, you can use either the up trend line for your stop, or simply position sizing to give it a little wider stop with reduced size.

JWN is trading lower this morning, joining the rest of it's retail brethren by lowering forward guidance, the company has LOWERED guidance in SIX of the last NINE quarters, and it's reward for those shit earnings is a rise of 50 FRICKING PERCENT over that period!!!
Welcome to the new "normal" of market valuations, where BAD is BETTER.

The FED's balance sheet rose 1.7% this week, it's largest increase in six months, , hahahahahaha, I said that bastard heading the FED would panic at the slightest pull back in the markets! HHHHMMMMMMMM, I wonder where that money went.................... I sure as hell didn't get any of it!!!!!! To nobody's surprise, futures are higher this morning in response.
Good luck to you out there in La La Land.


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