Monday, July 08, 2013


The $NYSI issued a new buy signal today, with the MACD issuing a buy signal as well.

This is neither here nor there, naturally, as the 100+ point daily moves in the DOW continues, as the DOW LOST over 200 points intraday this morning from it's high after the payroll report to it's low around 10:30, and then proceeded to rally 186 points into the close.

Fun stuff, it is.

Actually, we are just now approaching most of the major over head resistance in the SPY, we won't be free of it until we get over the June 19th high of $166. I'm not saying it's NOT gonna happen, I'm just saying, well, there's a lot of resistance over head waiting for us. A typical cute little trick of Da Boyz would be to simply gap us over every thing in the low volume over night futures when no one is around, and which they completely control with an iron fist, the stinking slim bags. Wad ever.

The, loser's, for the week in my major market profile of 80 odd markets, there were a lot of UDDER country ETF's on the list, like Brazil, the big one losing 6.37%, followed by the Turks at 5.77%, with others being Chile, Thailand, Peru, the Aussies, the big SURPRISE, Germany, South Africa, South Korea, Singapore.

 The beeeg whiner for the week was, SURPRISE, EGYPT, hahahahahaha, I think that's funnier than shit, I guess investor's definitely made their mind up about what they think of the change in Government. The FED is pleased as they can continue to use NON-inflation as their reason for keeping rates criminally low, as oil ONLY went up 6.5%, the other best countries were Japan, Netherlands, Taiwan and Mexico, with the SPY cracking the top 20, the little guys, IWM, was our best with a 2.62% gain.

Toni Hansen returns next Friday for the Friday Swing trading meeting, if you have never done so you can sign up here, Register for Friday's Session.

Cobra has his weekly stock picks out for those of you that might meece Toni,

And while we are on the subject of the sublime, I was reading one of the typical BS Wall Street Bubblevision favorite Pollyana type of ANAL-yst, who was giving his some thing like 20 reasons the SPX will go to 2000 in the next couple of days, and one of his reasons was, and I quote, "Housing Sales are at FIVE YEAR HIGHS", end quote, blah blah blah.
YA KNOW, I drew that red line on that chart, and I could swear, SWEAR, that housing sales are at 22 YEAR LOWS!!!!!!?????????!!!!!
I guess it's all in the way you choose to look at it, and being the eternal optimist I Yam, I choose to say it's at 22 year lows.

PROBABLY, the single most interwesting looking stock chart I've seen this week.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I mean, this thing is, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, obvious, it's out right, SCARY!! I mean, OBVIOUSLY, it's, SUPPOSED, to break, HIGHER......AND..........IF.......... it does so, it has an "Equal Move" scenario that says it's going to six bucks, or there abouts.
BUTT, and I mean, BIG BUTT, every one and their Brother's Uncle knows about this thing, LOL, so, THEREFORE, well, before THEREFORE, you could probably take a small position in case it DOES break out, but my preferred variation of the "THEREFORE", is that "THEY" take it down, like, under that 20 SMA, like, under $3.80, and shake out the weak hands, and, THEN, start back up. I mean, geeze, the things the price of an option for crying out loud, and knowing the way things work these days, that is, if it has DECLINING EARNINGS (like the S and P did in 2012), then, OBVIOUSLY, IT'S GOING TO DA STINKING MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNN!!

YA KNOW, I understand the, "CONCEPT":

"Amazing, NAAIM Sentiment Less Exposed to Equities Now Than @ November Lows. "

BUTT, I have to admit it, I don't REALLY think these people are STOOPID, so I have to wonder to me, myself, and my idiot side, WHAT IN THE HELL DO THESE PEOPLE SEE THAT'S SCARING THEM TO DEATH LIKE THAT????????!!!!!!!!


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