Thursday, June 27, 2013

Losing 1400 points is the biggest dump we've had in the $NYSI over the last three years, well, it's the biggest dump before getting a Knee Kick like it got in April-May last year. It's not close to a buy yet, as we just barely turned up today.
When it does finally signal, the 10 MA crosses over the index, it's been a pretty decent signal, especially off of the BIG DUMPS, like in August of 11' and June of last year. The whip saw's tend to happen off of smaller moves lower, and this has not been a "small" move.

For you, "GAMBLERS", RVLT might be interwesting. It could be considered a cheap alternative to CREE as it deals in LED's, which our "NANNY" Government has mandated that we shall be forced to use. It's tended to consolidate for a couple of month's prior to it's next big move, and as you can see it's done that for two months. If it makes an Equal Move for it's next move, it, COULD, be pointing to $7 or $8 bucks.
Of course, it, COULD, go to ZERO, so I personally won't go WHOLE HOG in it.
Just a speculative idea.

For you, "Watcher's In The Woods", this is one you can "watch", it's one of my favorite "STUFF" stocks, as it makes the thing that all those steel stocks that have been getting crushed need to produce steel, Graphene, and if the steel industry is ever going to turn around it will show up in this stock first.
It also has some thing that not many of those udder steel stocks have, it MAKES MONEY, and has some decent "metrics", with a book over $10, insiders bought 54,000 shares about 30 cents higher than where it is now, PLUS, it's one of the most heavily shorted stocks in the Russell 3000, and sits at over 18 days for them to cover, SHOULD, this stock get any good news one of these years.
The bad news is earnings are estimated to be lower next year, and estimates for this quarter have been coming down, currently it's at 25 cents for this year and 48 cents for next year,, so there's OBVIOUSLY a reason it's been going down with the rest of them.
I'd be a LOT more interwested in watching them around $6.50, it's closing low in the death spiral in February of 09' was $5.65. I might actually consider this one before I would AA, but I'm "watching" both of them.


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