Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Trade Ideas for Tuesday 6/18/2013
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I guess I'm just an eternal optimist................. hahahahahaha...............HAH!
BUTT, it sure looks to me like an INVERSE head and shoulders on the SPY and the S and P futures on the 60 minute charts, the future's chart above is MUCH cleaner than the SPY chart, but the idea is the same, they both point to new all time highs.
This, OF COURSE, depends on us not doing any thing like, COLLAPSING!!!! All these bull's that have been stubbornly hanging in there for the last couple of week's will be beating each other over the heads to be the first one out of the only fire door in the building should we break that low at 1600.

Trade Ideas for Monday 6/17/2013

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