Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I don't know if this means any thing, I've been working on this for 81 trading days now, but it's interwesting, it's my Market monitor that I picked up from the Stock Bee, it's 2600 stocks that I keep track of that are either UP or DOWN 4% on a daily and weekly basis, the chart at the top is the weekly chart, obviously, and the blue line has moved above the 10 period black line, even as the markets have been selling off. The Green box in the table at the bottom shows the count of stocks that are UP 4% over the last week, they've been moving higher the last five days. HOWEVER (there's always one of those, hahahahaha), the stocks on a DAILY basis that have been moving DOWN 4% has been INCREASING over the last five days, Soooooooooooooo.............. it will be interwesting to see which one wins out.

Trade Ideas for Wednesday 6/12/2013
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