Wednesday, May 22, 2013

"X", a stock I day trade a lot, "MIGHT", break over a down trend line very soon and, "MAY", be headed back to $20. After that, well, who knows, with all the LOOOOOOVE in the market, it could go back to $180, that is, if the same people that have been driving those POS solar stocks decide to jump on the material sector.
Of course, it, "COULD", find resistance at that down trend line, or double top around $19, and head south again back to $16 or some thing, so, as always, use caution.

One of my old Fav's, Alkie, AA, is on the moooooove again, and if it can clear that resistance at $8.80 it has a date with $9.00 again, and could be pointing to $9.20 and a test of those prior highs.


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