Sunday, May 26, 2013

That list up there is from a screen on FinViz that I run that shows Closed End Debt AND Foreign Funds that yield OVER 9%, NOT shown is DWX, which is an International dividend ETF that I picked up at this site, dividend-etfs-that-are-right-for-retirement, the reason I'm bringing THAT one up is not because it fit's the reasons below (it DOES), but because I fell out of my chair when the Author stated that it yields a "MASSIVE" 6.3%.....................hahahahahahahahahaha.......sigh, how times have changed (thanks A-HOLE FED leader!!), hell, the damn 10Y Treasury has averaged 6% going back 32 years, before of course Easy Al and Bennie Da Pumper got their claws into them.
ANYWAY, the reason I bring this up is because when you look at a chart of these things we are starting to see a MOVEMENT IN THE FORCE, IE, they are starting to FALL, meaning, the yields could be starting to go UP. When I first started this screen there was over a HUNDRED of these funds that were yielding over 9%, now of course, there's less than 15 of them, another sign of the times.
What I'm looking for, is for them to start yielding over 15%.....that's right.........15 stinking percent!! What happens is when the FORCE starts to vibrate, we get an EVENT, where these things take a nasty DIVE, in some cases like 50%.......yep.....that's right, it's not a typo, and then after they get done with the shake out, they, "USUALLY", go right back up to where they started, "USUALLY", means of course, "MAYBE", "POSSIBLY", "COULDA", "SHOULDA", "WOULDA", etc etc etc, IE, that's a DISCLAIMER!!!
There's no particular reason I look for 15%, Udder Dan Dat's wad the 10Y was yielding in 1982, the 30Y got to 20%, meaning you could have locked that 20% a year in for 30 stinking years! Which brings up a point about the Boomer's, a lot of smart bastards did exactly THAT, way back then, and of course, those 30 years are now GONE, and they are wondering how in the world they are going to survive on the lousy 3% they get now on the roll over, during their retirement years. Well, they can thank the A-HOLES at the FED for THAT, BUTT, luckily for THEM, there is NO INFLATION, as the A-HOLES keep telling us, so they can justify keeping rates where they are.
Wad ever, I hope I live long enough to see the collapse of their schemes, although in my heart of hearts, I actually DON'T want to live that long.


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