Thursday, April 25, 2013

WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP! The $NYAD's, at the top, are doing what the bull's should LOVE, and leading the indexes higher, as they've broken out over the previous highs ahead of the $SPX. Unless we completely fall apart when people suddenly realize how shitty earnings are and the economic numbers have been, the $SPX, SHOULD, follow that up to new all time highs.
The $NYSI at the bottom has NOT confirmed, but at least it's turning up and MAY get through the 10MA trigger tomorrow if we have another UP day.
I see no reason why we shouldn't go UP, hahahahaha, the A-HOLE at the FED is pumping three to five BILLION a DAY into his owner's on Wall Street, with orders to use the money to buy STOCKS and hold this sucker UP!! Woooo Hoooo, get'em BENNIE, make all those "Investor's" pay up for these things.


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