Thursday, April 25, 2013


STOCK PICK FOR 4/25/2013
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SSOOOOOOOOO, you think the insanity in this Country is reaching fever pitch, as we are working on the FIFTH quarter in a row of DECLINING earnings in the S and P 500, while the markets continue to make new ALL TIME HIGHS??????!!!!!!
HAHAHAHAHAHA...........................HAH!! I fell asleep on the couch last night before 8pm and woke up at 2am this morning, so I turned on European Squawk Box on Bubblevision to check it out, and Spanish unemployment had just come out at 27.2%, TWENTY SEVEN POINT TWO FRICKING PERCENT!!!!!! Their GDP is contracting at a rate of 2% YOY,

News Summary: Spain's Recession Continued In 1Q ,

their biggest bank just reported a 26 fricking percent drop in their profits, and what have their markets done???? All they've done is go GO UP FIFTY FRICKING PERCENT SINCE LAST YEAR..................HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Here's some of the headlines that are driving the futures HIGHER this morning:
Euro zone manufacturing PMI falls to 4-month low in April
Polish unemployment rate falls unexpectedly
Grains - Wheat, corn drop with U.S. weather, China demand in focus
German business optimism falls more than expected
Forex - EUR/USD falls as German, eurozone factory reports disappoint
Gold falls on weak global factory gauges, U.S. home sales

Look, the thing that got me flying off the handle, and showing all those shitty headlines, was this one,
By PAMELA SAMPSON - AP - 1 hour ago
TOP NEWS: BANGKOK (AP) — World stocks were mostly higher Thursday as a slump in orders for U.S. durable goods and other data convinced investors that central banks would continue efforts to help the global...

You see the last part of that, "Convinced investors that, CENTRAL BANKS, would continue efforts to HELP the global......", that's the WHOLE thing in a NUT-SHELL, it don't matter how shitty the economies are, or earnings are, as long as those A-holes keep PRINTING!! The WORST the data, the, BETTER, hahahahaha, woooooo hoooooo, durable goods orders fall 5.7%, YEEEEEEEEEE HAAAAWWWWWW, more printing from the FED, hahahahahahaha!!
This article also cracked me up this morning:

Hahahahaha, the SPY falls for two out of THREE days, and, THE BOTTOM IS IN!!!!!!!!!!!
I think this shit is hilarious, sigh, wad ever, I used to follow those guys all the time, but they've made the site mostly a PAY site so I don't go there any more, don't get me wrong, he makes some good points, and like I said below, we are going HIGHER, like it or NOT! But it just makes me wonder about what's going on when we get a lousy two days of lower prices, and people start screaming about "MARKET BOTTOMS", personally it makes me continue to be "invested", while PROTECTING MY ASS, at all times. All I gotta do is turn my head a little to the left, and look at that chart of the SPY that I have on the site, and I think to myself, THAT'S WHAT A "MARKET BOTTOM" LOOKS LIKE?????!!!!!!!

How'd you like that bounce in Alkie, AA, yesterday!!! WOOO HOOO, I sold out my entire position at $8.44, and then I got "seller's remorse", and when it fell two cents I brought some back at $8.42, and I saw last night after hours it was down to $8.38, so now, I GOT BUYER'S REMORSE, HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Woooo Hoooo, here's another Yuk Yuk hah hah hee hee ho ho, Three M, MMM, just joined another MEGA CAP DOT.COM consumer staple company, PG, in completely WHIFFING earnings this morning, meecing on both the bottom and top lines, AND WARNING FOR THE YEAR, and is down 5% in the pre-market, while the DOW futures MAKE NEW ALL TIME HIGHS!!!!!
HAHAHAHAHAHA, just wonderful stuff it is, one of my fav's, Jason Trenert, is on Squawk box with a couple of other guys, and they are having this huge argument about whether the current 18+ TTM P/E on the SPX is justified, or, and get this, SHOULD IT BE HIGHER, like, 20+!!!!! GET OFF YOUR ASS AND PAY UP "INVESTORS"!!
OOPS, UPS just joined the WIFF brigade, they aren't in the DOW, but, NOT TO WORRY, it moved up to new ALL TIME HIGHS! Ok, so it's not really all time highs, I just get carried away listening to Bubblevision.

With the gap up this morning, for the FIFTH day in a row, I have to remind myself (before I get completely carried away with myself), self, WE'VE FILLED EVERY GAP AFTER THE "REAL" OPEN!

OOPS! The job less claims threw a little glitch into the rally, having a big DROP of 16K, can't have good news or that stinking FED may be forced to think about an EXIT PLAN!
Most of the drop is attributed to AAPL's child labor force in China, the FOXCONNERS, as they have to keep hiring more to replace the ones committing suicide. AAPL HAS come up with a plan though, they decided to go from a 16 hour day, TO A 24 HOUR DAY, that way the poor bastards won't have time to contemplate suicide!


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