Sunday, April 14, 2013

If you put a gun to my head and said I HAD to "buy" some thing off of Toni's watch list in the post above, I, MIGHT, consider these ideas. You can see where I picked up my "Slimy Bottom Fisher" tendencies, hahahahahahaha, as Toni do tend to be one, although "P" is a "continuation" idea.

These have nothing to do with her list, although it does in a way, I told you I was screwing around with "X" as it's "testing" it's 09' lows that were kind of the devils number at $16.66, Alkie, or AA, is NOT testing those 09' lows, but the whole number of $8 is EXTREMELY important, it's either going to hold there or it could be seeing $5 again. "X" is definitely a "WILD THING", as it can go from $17 to $18 before I wake up from one of my numerous intraday naps!
ANYWAY, I bring these up for a "rant" reason, as they are, IMHO, two reasons I think that our markets, and the Country, are so FUCKED UP! I mean, Bubblevision does nothing but yell and scream about the "ALL TIME HIGHS", while two of the world's most important Industrial component makers are testing their "ALL TIME LOWS"! Their products are used to power all these stupid "Social Media" stocks that people, who have nothing better to do with their lives, use to "connect", as they sit in their little rooms chit chatting with their other unemployed friends at "AAPL" or "P" or "FB", or trying to find work on "LNKD", or playing their stupid games on "ZNGA", etc etc etc etc, as our "NEET" unemployment rate sits at about 16%, why-the-u-s-has-a-worse-youth-employment-problem-than-europe/, or even worse as the total labor force in the US has dropped to 1979 levels even as we have 30% more people in the Country!! The idiots at Bubblevision spend all their time showing these million dollar cars, and 90 million dollar apartments in New Yak, and are completely lost in trying to explain how individual investor's can be so fricking STUPID to be as bearish as they are, as shown in the latest AAII survey which showed them being as bearish as they were at the 09' lows, at a 19% Bullish reading or there abouts, they can't understand because they don't live on MAIN STREET, where things just happen to be not as great as Bubblevision likes to scream about!!! I mean, don't get me wrong here, SIGH, with a reading like that it's just more ammo for the "INVISIBLE HAND" to take the stupid markets higher, who ever the hell THAT is (can you spell F-E-D?????).
AAPL is a classic example of this bull shit, as they only employ 10% of their World Wide work force here in this Country, and most of them are employed at minimum wage in their stores here as they try and sell the other poor sap's the shit that AAPL makes, which they make in CHINA, using the FOXCONNERS children who make 33 fricking cents an HOUR, and spend all their time when they aren't on their 16 hour shifts contemplating SUICIDE!!!
SIGH, I hate being a cranky old man, in fact I HATE old age, hahahahaha, it SUCKS (the GOLDEN YEARS my ASS!!!), that's why I don't post this shit any more, I got tired of it, IT DON'T STINKING MATTER, the only good part about it is I probably won't live long enough to see how this all turns out, HOPEFULLY!
Good luck to you out there in La La Land.

Hahahahahaha, I bring this video up because of his comments about the $VIX, I've noticed this "BIZZARRO" activity myself, yesterday being ANOTHER classic example, as the markets were DOWN on the shit retail sales number, BUTT, the $VIX actually ended up 1.47% LOWER, hahahahahaha, just, well, verwy verwy strange stuff it is.


GOD, I wish I hadn't of looked at this, this comes from the SOURCE itself, Standard and Poors,, and it's the final, quote, EARNINGS, on the S and P 500.
With the final tally in, and after all the absolute baldder dash BULL SHIT out of the yelling screaming idiots on Bubblevision, AND, S and P itself who kept insisting that earnings were going to be better in the fourth quarter, the S and P had four CONSECUTIVE quarters of declining earnings last year!!!!!!!!!!
AND, S and P is now insisting that we are going to have BLOW OUT earnings in the first quarter, at $25.02!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Let's see, four quarters of declining earnings, and the SPY was, ONLY, up 16.6% last year!!!!!!
THE DUMB BASTARDS!!! I'm talking about the FED, I mean, if they had not insisted on pumping in 85 BILLION a month into their owner's on Wall Street, and earnings would have been like, 50% WORSE, HELL, THE GOD DAMN SPY PROBABLY WOULD HAVE BEEN UP 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hahahahahahahaha, god, what a crock of shit!
SIGH, wad ever, it truly is La La Land out there. Who's that guy on Bubblevision that keeps insisting that earnings are "THE MOTHER'S MILK OF STOCK PRICES"????? HAH, KISS MY FRICKING ASS!!!

The actual TTM P/E on the SPY is actually 18.36, which ain't CHEAP, regardless of what the Bubble may claim, but at least it's not 30, or some thing like that. While I'm at it, can you remember how many ANALyst at the start of 2012 were "guesstimating" S and P earnings of $114 or MORE???? I don't remember, but it was A LOT, it came in at $86.51, which is only a 24.2% MEECE! It did prove one thing wrong though, and that's John Hussman, who says that ANAL-yst consistently over estimate the next year's earnings by 30% or more, you were about 6% OFF there John!

Here's a little side humor for you, as I sit here contemplating whether there really is gravity or not, and watching the world go by my front window, a weekend Warrior just came jogging by, WITH A LIT CIGARETTE IN HIS HAND!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, oh god, be still my beating heart.

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