Friday, April 05, 2013

Toni Hansen is having her first Friday meeting today for the swing trading
team, right after the close or 4pm ET, if you have not yet joined the team 
I, "think", you can still sign up at:

Each session is 90 minutes long, but I know that many of you cannot stay for
 the entire session.To make these sessions the most beneficial to those 
attending, the format for each session is as follows:
1st - Market Overview - We will begin with an overview of the major indices, 

including the Dow, S&P 500, Nasdaq Composite and Russell 2000. We
 will also look at silver, gold, oil, and the major currency pairs.
2nd - Long Strategies - Next we will look at buy strategies forming in individual

 securities for 1-12 day holds. The focus will be primarily on securities with 
larger market caps that trade over 750k shares per day on average. Inverse 
ETFs will also fall into this portion of our schedule.
3rd - Short Strategies - Thirdly we will move onto shorting strategies developing

 in securities that trade on average over 750k shares per day.
4th - Q&A and Education - Finally, we will wrap up with the final half hour

 of our session focusing mainly on Q&A and education. Questions sent to
 me throughout the week will be covered in this portion.
You only need to register once to attend every week. You will 
also be added to our groups email list to receive all the pertinent
 info related to our group. 
(Be sure to watch for your confirmation email!) 


Stock Picks for Thursday Apr 04, 2013:

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Geeze, PANIC FRICKING CITY!!! I'm talking about "Fast Money" tonight, my god, listening to them I would have thought the markets went down TWENTY FRICKING PERCENT TODAY!!!
WAD EVER, I've seen this before, I'll believe it when I see it, A-HOLE at the FED is probably busy pumping hundreds of billions of printed dollar bills into his owner's on Wall Street as I type, sigh.
ANYWAY, there's a trend line that's following the 50 DMA that will obviously act as some support, then we have the low from late February that will be next support, THEN, wooooooo hooooooo, if we can ever get to it that is, we run into an Air Pocket, or, VOID, after that, which will allow a free fall back to the start of they year, at 1400.
That would ALSO be a ten percent correction, which works out just about perfect. I won't even REMOTELY start to think about getting the LEAST bit excited until we get back to that point.

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