Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Stock Picks for Wednesday Apr 03, 2013:

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I was going through some of my old files from a decade ago, and I came across this Business Cycle profile by Dr. Richard Miller in his article "Selecting/Purchasing Stocks Using’s Mid-Day BreakOuts Reports – An Educational Exercise".
The reason I bring it up is, NATURALLY, because of the SPDR sector leaders I posted yesterday, I mean, I'm, SURE, it don't mean a stinking thing, but all the leading sector's right now are the EXACT ones that he shows as the sectors to be in when the slide down the slippery slope to a market bottom BEGINS!
Of course, back when he did this model, he didn't have to take into account the hundreds of Billion dollars of printed money by the Federal Reserve being pumped into their owner's on Wall Street, so the Cycle he shows is probably EXACTLY ass backwards now. 

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