Friday, April 12, 2013

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GEEZE! I'm talking about the AAII survey for this week,, it came in at 19.3% Bulls, about what we had at the 09' BOTTOM!!! The Reformed Broker mentioned it here, investors-are-liars.
Ya Know, we are never, FRICKING NEVER, going to get a chance to buy this stinking market at a more reasonable valuation, IE, LOWER, until you fricking idiots get off your fricking ASSES, AND START BUYING THE SHIT OUT OF THIS FRICKING MARKET!!!!!!!!!
SIGH, I give up, I can't believe you people are so BEARISH, DON'T YOU KNOW HOW GREAT EVERY THING IS RIGHT NOW????????????? OH, that's right, most of you don't live in New Yak on Wall Street, so I guess you are exposed to the REAL WORLD!!!!!

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As far as I can tell, we had the biggest move "OUTSIDE" the bollingers yesterday, that we've over the last four years.
Now, you, "COULD", say, that it's a possible blow off top, BUTT, that's not particularly true, as a lot of times this can lead to a "CONTINUATION" move, as shown in the green boxes in those four charts. The reason that this could be a continuation move is because of the way the bollingers constricted, or moved closed together, prior to the close outside the bollinger, as this typically leads to price "WALKING" up the bollinger higher. In most of the red boxes, the bollingers never constricted prior to the close outside of them, as the upper band was sloping to the upside when we got the outside close.
Regardless, in every case, this eventually led to the infamous "PULL BACK", usually within a week or two at the most.
OH, by the way, congratulations to all those "Investor's" that brought at the 2007 high, you can get out even now, WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!

Hahahahahaha, aaaaahhhhhh, Bubblevision, Ya gotta love them. One of their idiot market "Experts" said the $VIX was at all time lows on Squawk Box this morning, Ya Know, their collective memories go back all of about ONE FRICKING WEEK! Number one, the $VIX was lower LAST WEEK than this week, hahahaha, hitting 11, it's currently 12.36, and number two, all you have to do is go back to 2006-07 when it sat on 10 for four months, hitting a low of  8.60.
Wad ever, that was a GREAT time to own the $VIX, as it actually went UP above 24 when we hit the prior all time market highs in October of 07'.

I found that article a little interesting, as I've been "screwing" around with good ole "X" for a couple of weeks now, hahahahahaha, yeeaaaaaaa, I'm a slimy bottom fisher, I admit it. I also found the article interwesting as I've hardly heard any one at all talking about it. I personally don't sell "Puts", especially when I'm bottom feeding, as I'm not interested in owning it "At Lower Prices", IE, holding the thing for a month or longer, I especially kind of object to his thesis of having to hold it for YEARS if you do get assigned, hahahaha, wooo weee, wad ever, I only feed on outfits that I know EXACTLY what they are, and WHERE they are, and I started getting interested when they were "testing" the 09' lows.
One reason I'm not to interested in being an "Investor" at this point is the huge GLUT in Iron Ore, iron-ore-s-250-billion-glut-pressures-rio-to-vale-commodities.
By the way, doesn't that article sound a little like PRICE FIXING????? Hahahahahaha................naaawwwwww, that can't be true, these stinking mega Wall Street Corporations don't FIX PRICES...................... RIGHT????!!!!!


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