Friday, April 19, 2013

Toni Hansen will have her weekly Swing trading group webinar tomorrow at 4pm ET, if you have not done so you can sign up for the group at:

We will be going over the markets and swing trading ideas for the next week. 

One of my "Market Timing" blogs I watch (not one in the upper left side) issued a SELL signal for the markets tonight, the first SELL signal since, like, November???? It's been so long since I've heard from them I forgot I was on their email list.I'm not allowed to reveal their names due to their restrictions.
I can, however, recommend an outfit you can sign up for, for FREE,

Very nice chart from Mike Paulenoff showing the relationship some of our HEAVY METAL outfits have with the China marketsl, like "X", CLF, JOY: View full article and chart.

STOCK PICK FOR 4/18/2013

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Dear Trader,
If you read commodity news, you've probably noticed a trend: Seems like no one likes commodities any more! Here are some recent headlines:
  • "Hedge Funds Cut Bets Most Since ’08 as Prices Slump: Commodities "
  • "Credit Suisse Lowers Price Targets on Commodities, Prices Sink "
  • "World Markets Drive Down Commodity Prices"
The recent downtrend has caught many traders off guard.

So, our friends at Elliott Wave International have released a free video report for commodity traders and investors: "15 Commodity Opportunities You Should Be Watching Right Now."

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This is mildly interesting, the NasDOGS are getting a NEGATIVE divergence with their A/D lines, hhhhhhmmmmmm.
I say, "mildly", because, of course, should the DOG'S start to decline, A-HOLE at the FED with just start printing an extra 85 BILLION a month to pump into THEM!!!!!!!!!

The Bullish Percent for the SPX is diverging as well, every time it's done this in the last three years we've had a correction.
My reaction is, YAWN, hell, with earnings declining every quarter last year and the SPY going up 16%, IT DON'T STINKING MATTER! Besides, he'll just double what ever he pumps into the NasDOGS. 

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