Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Nine days in a row, hhhhmmmmmmm, nine days in a row, hhhhhmmmmm, of course, I personally probably wouldn't count those last two days, hahahahahahahahahaha, talk about your last second pump to get them positive, and both of them little narrow range doji bars, but, I can't deny, they were both higher!
Anyway, the middle chart was the last time we did this, in November of 96', the top chart is where we did it the twice that year, in May. The bull's will be happy to see that both times led to more gains after the pull backs, the pull back from November was 6% and the May to July pull back was 10.3%.
The MAIN thing I see, is the current configuration of the MFI and ROC at the bottom is TOTALLY FRICKING OPPOSITE, of what it did in the top two charts, in both of those the MFI and ROC made HIGHER HIGHS than the previous highs.
WAD EVER, as long as Bennie Da Pumper keeps pumping massive amounts into Da Boyz on Da Street I guess we can go up for ever.
Good luck to you.

Greece: A Gathering Storm Threatens Europe and America

By Elliott Wave International/the Socionomics Institute
The similarities between Greece and pre-WWII Germany are striking. Now, before you write off this warning as a run-of-the-mill, Nazi-name-dropping scare tactic, consider this recent report from the Socionomics Institute, a U.S.-based think tank that studies global trends in social mood. Here's an excerpt from the Institute's February publication of The Socionomist. Read more.


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