Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Nice BOF, Break Out Failure Bar, double top, or wad ever the hell you want to call it bar, in the red circle, I guess Bubblevision can stop screaming about whether the SPX will make new all time highs, and go to seeing if we fill the gap from yesterday, hahahahahaha...............HAH! Of course, Bennie Da Pumper is probably having a fricking heart attack that the index is NOT going higher, so I fully expect him to announce during the FED minutes this afternoon that he's going to DOUBLE the 85 BILLION a month he's pumping into BAC and JPM and GS and MS and, oh, etc etc etc, to INSURE we go higher into the close!!

I published this excel sheet of the comparison of the P/E on the DOW stocks compared to their previous high back in 2007, I think a week ago??, two weeks, not all the components had reported, this is the final list. The total P/E on the DOW, down at the lower left corner, at 105.87 is weighted, so I guess it don't mean diddly fricking squat, I guess the more important one is the average P/E which is on the right side at the bottom, at 16.29 it's 5.8% HIGHER than it was in 2007, mostly because of those stupid MEGA HUGE consumer staple stocks that have been acting like the 2000' DOT COM MF'ers!!!
Wad ever, at 16.29 I don't consider it particularly over valued, so.......................................................

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, funny stuff it is, accept for those AAPL investors that lost their life savings:

Are You F%$@ing Kidding Me?

[Video] Bollinger Band Basics
Senior Analyst Jeffrey Kennedy shows you how these volatility indicators support pattern recognition
By Elliott Wave International
Watch this chart-based video lesson to see how Elliott Wave Junctures Editor Jeffrey Kennedy uses Bollinger bands to spot a high-confidence setup in Bank of America. Read more.


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