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My apathy is appalling.............................................
But at least I'm not alone, the $NYMO, at the bottom, is equally apathetic, sigh, never have so few been buying into a market that has risen so much, I get the feeling Dat Da boyz are waiting on......... SOME THING! WHAT, I don't know of course, but rest assured, THEY KNOW! WE, being the retails, won't know until after the fact, what ever that FACT may end up being. I should have drawn the triangle that we have here at the end of this thing, but if you can't see it, well, you need to reassess your life a little, what the triangle means is that we have a BIG MOVE coming, one way or Da Udder. I bring this up because a couple of Techies have been talking about it, you can read more here, the-charts-that-could-end-the-rally/, and, here, /2013/03/30/weekly-analysis-0330/.
YA KNOW, Da thing hasn't been working for TOP'S the last few years, but of course, we haven't had any, hahahahahaha, TOP'S, that is, the last minor top signal came in late June of 2011, when Da boyz were busy trying to suck in some retails ahead of the debt debate in August of that year. What HAS been working though, are BOTTOMS, as any thing close to MINUS 100 has been a decent buying "Opportunity". I doubt, though, that we'll ever get another one of those buying "Opportunities" again, at least, not in my rapidly dwindling life time.
I talked about the stocks above their 200 DMA Da Udder day, the top chart is the stocks above their 50 DMA, and it's, aaaaaaahhhhhhhh, trying to say some thing, as the entire rally since the start of the year has been done with fewer and fewer stocks above their 50 DMA, as Da boyz are using that free money that A-HOLE has been giving them to obviously use a few MEGA caps to drive us higher, while the majority of stocks have NOT been going higher. I mean, I suppose this can continue into Q-finity, I don't really think it means much, which brings up my favorite saying for quite a while for the first time in this post.............................. WAD EVER!
Despite my apathy, I do consider this one of the single most interesting markets, like, EVER, as Da Boyz are using their thousands of PHD's they employ to wage psychological warefare on us dumb ass retails, hahahahahaha, mainly using their mouth piece Bubblevision to give as many conflicting "FACT'S" as they can, like, "THEY" (which means "Bubblevision"), keep harping that no one is in this rally, while the FACT is, is that never have Fund Manager's EVER been MORE invested, which is also shown in the the-charts-that-could-end-the-rally/ post, meaning, who's left to BUY???
"THEY", say the term "THE COMING PULL BAC", like, every two minutes, so "THEY" can keep you out of the market, and hope to sucker you in waiting on the "PULL BAC" that never comes, hoping they'll suck you in right at the absolute highs again, as The Big Picture had a post about, Every body and their Brother expects a PULL BAC.
"THEY", keep, TRYING, to convince us retails that the dumbest ass "investment" you can make is to be in bonds, and then "THEY" sit there and just act completely amazed when the FACT'S don't support their thesis. Well, I don't have a post for this, but, Ya Know, think about this, I remember when the Bubble actually used to talk about "Investors", rather than trader's, and the time tested ASSET ALLOCATION strategy used to be mentioned all the time, that being your STOCK/BOND percentage model, like, 60/40 bonds to stocks if you were 60 years old, etc etc etc, or 10/90 if you were investing when you were ten years old. This thing has worked great the last decade or so, with the KEY fundamental in it being when you RE BALANCE the portfolio, you absolutely positively HAVE to re-balance to keep your percentages in line, ABSOLUTELY! So let me ask you, at this point in time, are you selling BONDS, and buying STOCKS, in order to bring your dwindling stock portfolio BAC into line with the rising bond portfolio, OR, are you doing the complete OPPOSITE??????!!!!! I mean, this has absolutely NOTHING to do with whether you think the market is going higher or lower, is undervalued or overvalued, if Cyprus is going to take the world down with it, or, WAD EVER, it's just some thing that you HAVE to DO, PERIOD!

I haven't received a notice from Toni, so I don't know if the Swing Trader's group is meeting today or not, it being a Holiday and all that, I'll probably check it out just to see at 4pm ET today. I DO know we start meeting on Friday's starting at the end of this week, you can still sign up here:

LONG, drawn out, disclaimer about asset allocation:
I, of course, are an IDIOT (yesterday, I couldn't even SPELL IT!!), so I can't recommend, ANY THING, to, ANY BODY! I, DO, however, have a few theories.
Surprisingly, I, DO, agree with Bubblevision, that being that Bond's will be a sucker's bet, BUTT, and that's the BIG BUTT, and this is just my thinking of course, BUTT, if Bond's are going to crash in price because of rising Interest rates that come after A-HOLE lose's control of his supposed exit plan, don't you think that STOCK'S are going to crash as well???? I mean, since the bottom in 09' BOTH STOCK's AND BOND's have gone HIGHER, in price that is, SOOOOOOOOOOO.... it only makes sense, TO ME AT LEAST, that they will BOTH go DOWN, when the eventual "EVENT" happens.
NOW, YOU, have to determine your, quote, "MODEL", that being your percentages, as well as your RE-BALANCE period, which is the most important part, I really don't care if you use five minutes, five months, or five years, what ever it is, STICK TO IT!
In my journey's through all the various trading rooms the last 15 years, I've only been a member of one, ONE, asset allocator's site, and that was a site recommended by the Kirk Report, TERESA LO, she used to be Invivoanalytics, but on her twitter page I notice she's changed to http://wealthcop.com/. I only recommend sites that I've been a personal member of.
Now, I was only a member for one year, I mainly joined to get her day trading add on's for TradeStation charts, but I did get interested in her asset allocation strategies. She's an, EXTREMELY, brilliant individual, and, unfortunately, as such she has NO patience with IDIOTS like, well, ME.............. hahahahahaha, so I left. Now, what SHE does, is RE-BALANCE once a month, BUTT, she has an extremely complicated Asset Allocation that is divided among the various CLASSES, IE, like stocks, bonds, cash, currencies, PM's, real estate, commodities, etc etc, plus, she had some smaller classes within the larger classes, like small caps, junk, European, World Indexs, etc etc, AND, the model percentages would change each and every month, very complicated stuff it was, but, IT WORKS!
Back then, I joined for $200/year, I have NO IDEA what it is now ($2 MILLION??????), you now have to contact her on the site for a, quote, "QUOTE", so, good luck to you.

YA KNOW, I don't, NEED, some one to tell me BAC is going DOWN.......................hahahahahahahaha, roach, sigh, http://niftychartsandpatterns.blogspot.com/, sigh, wad ever, I, SAID, I'd buy MORE if it gets to $10, I just HOPE (my favorite strategy), that it stops there. I could end up being a holder for DECADES if it doesn't stop there.


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