Sunday, March 10, 2013

Join Toni Hansen for a live webinar outlook every Sunday at 4:00 ET and watch for a new Market Outlook segment each week with the weekly Earnings and Economic Reports.To register for Sunday's web series, go to

Each session is 90 minutes long, but I know that many of you cannot stay for the entire session. To make these sessions the most beneficial to those attending, the format for upcoming sessions will be as follows:

1st - Market Overview - We will begin with an overview of the major indices, including the Dow, S&P 500, Nasdaq Composite and Russell 2000. We will also look at silver, gold, oil, and the major currency pairs.

2nd - Long Strategies - Next we will look at buy strategies forming in individual securities. The focus will be primarily on securities with larger market caps that trade over 750k shares per day on average. Inverse ETFs will also fall into this portion of our schedule.

3rd - Short Strategies - Thirdly we will move onto shorting strategies developing in securities that trade on average over 750k shares per day

4th - Q&A and Education - Finally, we will wrap up with the final half hour of our session focusing mainly on Q&A and education. We will look at setups that didn't make the shorter watch list and why I chose not to focus on them. We will also use this time to look at additional strategies that may have formed in securities that trade under 750k shares a day on average and the occasional "penny stock", even if just discussed for their educational value.


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