Sunday, March 24, 2013

1700 and 17,000

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Stock Pick for Friday Mar 22, 2013:

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HUMPT!!! I don't know what to say, my free has yearly data on the S and P going back to 1962, and it SAID, that we covered the 1995 close of 615.93 in January of 1996, hitting a low of 597.29. It verified exactly with the YHOO data in the lower box, that data went back to 1950.

I bring this up for a couple of reasons, number one is that is that "supposedly" last year was the first year SINCE 1996 that we did not cover the close of a prior year in the next year, well, I went through every one of those years and according to THAT chart, last year was the first year, EVER, since 1962, to NOT cover the prior years close. I find that pretty interesting.
The second reason I bring it up, is that if I was a BETTING man, I would have to say that the odd's are pretty fricking great, that we cover last year's close of 1426.19, which also match's the YHOO data, at some point during the year. I give the odd's at about 50-1 that we cover that number......................

There's no particular reason I bring it up, udder dan dat's da number I'll be looking to, "POSSIBLY", be a buyer.
If you come up with different data, let me know.
Oh, yea, the post title is to remind me after this year that Jeremy Siegel was on Bubblevision saying the S and P will hit 1700 and the DOW 17,000 this year, but the one that slays me is he's saying S and P earnings will be $114, for the umpteenth year in a row that he's said earnings will be over $100.
For nice little charts of up to date earnings, P/E, Shiller P/E, etc etc, on the S and P, you can go here, nice site:

Greece: A Gathering Storm Threatens Europe and America

By Elliott Wave International/the Socionomics Institute
The similarities between Greece and pre-WWII Germany are striking. Now, before you write off this warning as a run-of-the-mill, Nazi-name-dropping scare tactic, consider this recent report from the Socionomics Institute, a U.S.-based think tank that studies global trends in social mood. Here's an excerpt from the Institute's February publication of The Socionomist. Read more.

Hammer vs Feather - Physics on the Moon: Galileo and Apollo 15

I saw this on a movie I watched on Netflix, I thought it was pretty interesting.
Also, I seem to be in the mood to watch FALLING things.......................................


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