Thursday, March 21, 2013

Stock Picks for Thursday Mar 21, 2013:

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Geeze, it just amazes me about how I just HATE to even post any thing any more, sigh, as long as A-HOLE is going to continue to pump 85 Billion a month into his owner's on Wall Street, IT DON'T STINKING MATTER, wad ever.
Tom McCellan, one of the Legends among techicians, was on Fast Money tonight, talking about the "warning" that "Dr. Copper" is sending out. I mean, yea yea yea, SO WHAT?? WHAT DOES IT MATTER?? It definitely diverged against the SPY heading into the top in 07', it actually led higher at the bottom in 09' and again at the bottom in 2010, it "warned" about the coming dump in 2011 when it started diverging against the flat SPY at the time, and now it's doing a HUGE divergence against that dumb ass SPY pump we have going right now. I repeat, WHO FRICKING CARES??? IT DON'T STINKING MATTER!!!! Again, wad ever.
I fully expect the "market" to blow higher tomorrow, two of the big Dogs in their sectors, FDX and ORCL, both completely WHIFFED earnings today, FDX was down 7% and of course, the "markets" went to da moon, so with ORCL whiffing tonight we'll probably REALLY do to Da MOOOOOOOOOON, tomorrow, hahahahahaha! The report was so bad that Guy Adami on Fast Money was practically speechless, he's been pumping this thing quite a bit, and was totally caught off guard, more reasons to go to da moon I guess.

Here's another exercise in futility, the $NYSI is trying to roll over again, like, WHO CARES!! Actually, it's kind of in one of it's whip saw periods, like it was prior to the dump in October to November, hell, if we can get this thing REALLY dumping like it did last May into June, the fricking markets will REALLY go to Da MOOOOOOOOOOOON!!

You think maybe I got a baaaaaaaaaaaaad, attitude.................hahahahahahahaha! It's actually kind of weird, because on a personal basis I'm doing just fine, thank you very much, thank god for BAC is all I can say, I'm actually locked in on a no loss thing through earnings on it, so I really don't give a damn where it goes, I prefer UP though. . It just pisses me off that A-HOLE is depriving true "Investors" of being able to buy the "markets" on the cheap, sigh!


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