Friday, February 08, 2013

I find absolutely ZERO on those slew of "indicators" on the SPY that would induce me to buy this thing, but, HEY, what do I fricking know, that's why I'm keeping my mouth shut, I certainly wouldn't want to talk some one out of more gains in the markets, wad ever. The key thing that I want to keep in mind is that the FIRST pull back, IF, it ever comes, is "almost", "always" (those are disclaimers of course), buyable, it will be the RETEST of the highs, AFTER, we ever get a pull back, that will be the key point.
This is interesting:

Inisders, IE the owners of the companies, who probably know some thing about their business prospects, are net sellers at the highest rate in the last ten years, while the NAAIM survey of asset managers was at the highest bullish level in 13 years, coming in at 104.25% net long last month,

 I was wondering why so many of the shipping out fits were getting ripped lately, even while the DOW Transports were making new all time highs, David Rosenberg shows why in this article,, you can forget his commentary if you care to, just check the charts out at the bottom of the article, woooooooo weeeeeeeee, most of them are in areas that were associated with prior recessions, but of course, the FED does NOT allow THOSE THINGS any more, hahahahahahahaha! Speaking of the stinking FED, not only are they pumping the 85 billion into Wall Street by buying their shit assets so they can hold the markets up for the FED, but the FED is going to buy 75 fricking percent of the 30 year Treasury supply in February, I guess deciding they need to "diversify" since they already own 29% of ALL ten year bonds, hahahahaha, fed-will-buy-75-new-30y-treasury-supply, this is sure going to be verwy interwesting some where down the road.
Also, and speaking of the FED and their NO INFLATION claim, which they use as an excuse to kill seniors and keep interest rates at ZERO for their precious corporations, at my weekly trip to our grocery store lettuce and broccoli DOUBLED this past week, that's right, THEY FRICKING DOUBLED!!! Actually, the broccoli went up 272%, I just brought it on sale a couple of weeks ago for 88 cents a pound, it's usually around $1.19 a pound, it was $2.49 a fricking POUND this week, and the lettuce was $2.49 a HEAD, what's disturbing about the lettuce is that I've been paying $1.19 a head for quite a long time, sigh, wad ever, I'm crawling back into my cave, good luck to you out there.


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