Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Here's some thing else I got in my email box yesterday, it's from Larry Levin, he has a new web site by the way, http://tradingadvantage.com/how-to-trade/index.php.
Any way, he hates that STOOPID Bubblevision almost, ALMOST, as much as I do, and he got tired of hearing the absolute Balldder Dash BULL SHIT they've been spouting off about the comparisons between the high in 2007 and the current highs we are trying to make, one thing I noticed he DIDN'T mention was the current earning RECESSION we have in the S and P 500, having TWO QUARTERS  in a row of declining earnings, I know we didn't have that going into the high in 07', we still have some companies to report so I don't know if they will make it three quarters in a row, wad ever, GET'EM LARRY:

Just last week the market was near its all-time
 highs, the Dow being only a few points from its
 highest close of 2007.

I know that the markets are not rational and do

 not follow that line of thinking, but let’s play
 that game anyway.  If the market is nearing 
2007 highs, shouldn’t it follow that today’s 
economic news are as good as 2007’s?  That 
would be reasonable, but the market just doesn’t 
work like that – especially when it is being rigged 
by the world’s central bankers.

How long can the following (close estimates) 

hold up?

Silver: Oct. 2007=$13, last week =$30
Gold:  Oct 2007=$760, last week = $1,620
Reported Unemployment: Oct 2007 = 4.7%, 

today = 7.9%
Case-Shiller Home Index: Oct 2007 = 190.9, 
today = 144.9
New Home Sales: 2007 = 774K, 2012 = 367K
Housing Units Built: 2007 = 1,500K, 2012 = 651K
Fed Reserve Balance Sheet: Oct 2007 = $873B, 

today= $3.11T
Food Stamp Recipients: Dec 2007 = 28.7M, 
today = 48.2M
Federal Spending, Annual Rate: 2007 = $2.7T, 

today = $3.6T
Fed Tax Revenues, Annual: 2007 = $2.5T, 

today = $2.4T
Retail Gasoline Price: 2007=$2.84/gal, 2013 

= $4.19/gal (Chicago)
Money Supply: Oct 2007 = $851.6B, today 

= $2.76 Trillion
Personal Bankruptcies: 2007 = 801K (75% up

 from 2006), 2012 = 1.25 million
Foreclosures: 2007 = 405k (40% up from 2006),

 2012 = 742K

Although the market dipped a little last week, 

none of this seems to matter. As long as the 
Fed keeps printing and we all have “faith,” it 
will go up forever. What’s more, the sequester
 D-Day is this Friday and this time around it 
seems to not matter at all.   
Trade well and follow the trend, not the perma-
bull OR perma-bear "experts."


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