Monday, February 25, 2013

Trade idea for 2/25/2013

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Ivica Juracic 

The top 20 ETF loser's this week were all metals and miners, PLUS, OIL, RUSSIA, CHINA, INDUSTRIAL METALS, I guess my question is, with the "WORLD WIDE ECONOMIC BOOM" in full bloom, at least, according to Bubblevision it is, shouldn't these risk on assets be going to DA STINKING MOOOOOOOOOOOOON???????

Real Estate Mania Makes a Comeback
Home bidding wars in Washington D.C.
By Elliott Wave International
In most parts of the country, residential real estate prices remain well below their peak highs. Yet the resurgent bidding wars in some markets suggest that the lesson about bubbles remains unlearned. Will these new, highest-bidder home buyers have the price rug pulled out from under them in the same way buyers did in the mid-2000s? Read more.


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