Sunday, February 17, 2013

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Global Markets, Economies Mired in Early Stages of Biggest Disaster Ever

By Elliott Wave International

The following is a sample from Elliott Wave International's new 40-page report, The State of the Global Markets -- 2013 Edition: The Most Important Investment Report You'll Read This Year. This article was originally published in Robert Prechter's September 2012 Elliott Wave Theorist.
Global markets and economies are mired in the early stages of the biggest disaster ever. Most people think both areas are in the early stages of a prolonged recovery, but in fact they are on the cusp of the second downturn, which will be of epic proportion.

The world is in the grip of a bear market. You wouldn’t know it from watching the S&P and the NASDAQ, but just about every other major market average in the world has been falling, including those of China, Japan, Europe, the BRICs, emerging markets, and even the broad U.S. market, shown in the chart below. And these indexes have fallen far further in inflation-adjusted terms.


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