Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ya Know, I did that chart over a week ago, I don't even remember why, I think it had some thing to do with some A-HOLE ANAL-yst talking about how greeeeeeaaaaaaaaaat TRV was, and their greeeeeaaaaaaat earnings, blah blah blah, bull shit bull shit bull shit, etc etc etc, I mean, I think I did it to regurgitate what an absolute crock of shit the current market is, I think I was going to refer to TRV as "WAL-MARTED", where some thing trades between a certain level for a decade or more, and then, for some stupid ass reason, they suddenly deserve a higher, "MULTIPLE", IE, they are expensive as HELL!! AND YOU SHOULD PAY UP FOR THEM, JUST FOR THE HONOR OF OWNING THEM I GUESS????!!!!
Anyway, those numbers on the TRV chart are their earnings, EPS, and as you can see their earnings in 2012 were LOWER than every fucking year going back to where I could get the earnings at CNBC, 2006, and yet the stock went up 60 fucking percent from the 2011 low last year!!!!!!!!!!????? The, "PROJECTED" (IE, a, "GUESS"), for next year are only 13 fucking cents higher than their previous all time highs in 2007 when they were trading at $48, I mean, SPIT SPIT, this is the stupidest fricking market I've ever seen!!!
I put the chart of HPQ on there just to emphasize the "insanity", I mean, don't get me wrong, no way no how do I endorse HPQ as some greeeeeeaaaaaaat outfit, but in direct contrast to that stupid TRV they actually made 38% MORE than they made at their previous all time high in 2007, but the stock is trading 68% LOWER than it was in 2007, I mean.............................???????!!!!!! HELL, their "reduced" earnings for next year are 16.4% HIGHER than what they made in 2007!!!!!!!!!!

SO, I posted the stupid stuff above because this nice article got me flying off the hook on my stupid rant up above, Which 5 Wall Street Banksta's have the Strongest Earnings....................
And the reason I went flying off the hook was because of THIS:

Those EPS numbers on the "C" chart are taken DIRECTLY from the article..................

I mean, well, I just don't have words for this bull shit, I guess I wore myself out with all the "F"ing and "S"ing over the TRV travesty, it seem's pretty obvious to me that "C" would be fricking BROKE if their PAL Bennie Da Pumper, some times called "THE BERNACK", wasn't pumping 85 BILLION a month into them in order to save THEM, eeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, excuse me, he isn't saving THEM, Bennie claims he's doing it in order to save US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sigh, it pisses me off that I let this bull shit get me so upset, I mean, IT DON'T MATTER, Ya gotta just trade the price action..........close my eyes......................take deep breaths.................calm down.............

I'm probably wrong, I usually Yam, but doesn't WFC look better than JPM by the metrics in that article?? I mean, they're making 480% more than they did at the previous high in 07', why aren't they trading at like, $144????????


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