Thursday, January 31, 2013

Through three days this week ALL the major Indexes have, aaaaaaahhhhhhh, stalled a little, with the DIA and SPY at an intersection of a couple of viable trend lines, the IWM seems to be in more of a channel, it broke over the top of a trend line last week, and is threatening to break back under it.
None of this means diddly squat of course, unless we break down from here, I'm just bored out of my mind so I'm doddling around and shit like that, sigh, until I can get a buyable pull back. Ya Know, if we move higher, well, then forget it, we'll probably be heading, aaaaaaahhhhhhh......... HIGHER.
Anyway, the Q's actually MIGHT be working on a long term Head and Shoulders, that, IF TRUE, would point to an eventual target some where down the road of "about" $52, where the weekly 200 MA is sitting right now. Of course, we'd have to like, break below $61 to remotely get the pattern rolling. Speaking of that 200, it's just BLASTING higher, so it's not giving ANY hint of a pull back.
I'm embarrassed to even be bringing this up, hahahahahaha, but I can't deny that the pattern is THERE, but, of course, we'd have to actually break DOWN from here, and NO WAY is Bennie Da Pumper going to allow THAT to happen, ESPECIALLY, with us printing NEGATIVE GDP numbers like we got for the fourth quarter yesterday, sigh, the roachy MF'er!. Wad ever, good luck to you.

This TOTALLY explains why the DOW Transports are trading at ALL TIME HIGHS, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha..........................HAH! What a crock of shit:
UPS Earnings Fall Short; Issues Weak 2013 Guidance

BubbleVision had their favorite Perma BullSHITER on this morning, that invest for the LONG RUN A-hole, Jeremy Siegle, or wad ever it is, he's predicting DOW 20,000 in a couple of days, any way, not once, ONCE, did the reporters ask him, geeeeeeee Jerry, you've been spouting off about this for going on a decade and a half, and not only have bonds just killed stocks during that period, the $SPX is only back to where it was in April of 2000, 13 FUCKING YEARS AGO!!!!!!!!!!! You can see the interview on Bubble's web site if you need to puke this morning.

Ya Know, I don't usually RAG on blogs that I feature on the site here, but where in the, HELL, does the "WISHING WEALTH" blog, in the "Market Timing Blogs" section in the upper left side, come off saying the Q's are in the "20th Day of an short term UP-TREND", when they have been EXACTLY FLAT for the last 20 FRICKING DAYS??????????????????????????????

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