Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Markets around the world, including our own futures, are FLYING, up any where from 2-3%, BBBEEEEEEECCCCAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSEEEE...............

4:19 AM Eurozone manufacturing PMI slips to 46.1 (flash 46.3) in December from 46.2 in November. "The downturn remains widespread, with all nations bar Ireland reporting contractions," says Markit. "The region’s recession therefore looks likely to have deepened, possibly quite significantly, in the final quarter."

3:21 AM The fiscal cliff deal will add almost $4T to the deficit over the next ten years, the the CBO calculates, citing the codification of tax cuts for most Americans. However, despite the measures, overall taxes will increase for over 75% of households in 2013, says the Tax Policy Center. Meanwhile, Republicans and Democrats are hardening their positions ahead of the upcoming battle of the debt ceiling, which has around two months to run.

So, let me get this straight, Europe is up over 2% because their DEPRESSION deepened, and we are higher because we are adding 4 TRILLION bucks to the deficit, AND, INCREASING, taxes on 75 stinking percent of wage earner's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ya Know, I thought us going over the "CLIFF" was the worry about taxes being raised during a period of economic weakness?????
SIGH, wad ever, I love it, it will give me a chance to rebalance my allocations at the open, one Country NOT up over 2% is the Aussies, as their PMI held at 44.3, remaining in contraction for the 10th CONSECUTIVE MONTH, as a result they are only UP 1%, with the EWA threatening to break out to new HIGHS........................hahahahahahaha, is this a great World, or WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!

There's a couple of "Ideas" from Pristine, ACAS and CFN, you can get more from the "Chart Swing Trader" in the blog list on the right side, and I also actually liked some of Harry Boxer's list as well, with the WoodShedder throwing in 10 cup and handle formations just for good measure, GO FOR IT!

We all know what the pump is REALLY about, RIGHT!! Da Boyz just LOVE to pump the shit out of us on the first couple of days of the month when the 401K'ers and the IRA buyer's show up, making them pay the MAX to get into the market, and then they spend the rest of the month taking us down, hoping to get those same people to panic and sell their shares back to them at much lower prices, as Da Boyz say, THANK YOU VERY MUCH, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
Wad ever, maybe they'll get lucky this month and find some one stupid enough to buy those shares back from them at even HIGHER prices, woooo hooooo, I hope so, they need the money after all the tax raises Washington is throwing on the economy. 

For those of you slimy bottom fisher's, like, ME, you, MIGHT, consider one of my favorite trading vehicles, Alkie, AA, which is gapping up over that short term down trend line in green circle, it has a little Air Pocket BAC up to the $9.50 "area". By the way, Alkie leads off earnings season next week on 1/8, so be aware of that, and speaking of earnings, it seems to me that NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT THEM................HAH! Which makes sense, after those LOUSY earnings last quarter who in their right mind wants to talk about some thing stupid like EARNINGS!
Speaking of BAC, it caught an upgrade today, and is trading at $12 in the premarket, a great case of a stock going to Da Stinking MOOOOOOONNNNN, and then, GOING EVEN HIGHER, HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Should be verwy verwy interwesting, it will, futures are up over 210 on the DOW heading into the open, are we going to go into a POWER TREND higher, or this going to be one of the most unbelievable FADES, EVER, after the REAL open???????

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