Thursday, January 17, 2013


Lots of nice looking chart setups from "The Chart Swing",, most of which were still valid the last time I looked. His link is over on the blog list on the right side.

Game of Inches for SPX     
By Mike Paulenoff, 
Should the SPX fail to hurdle 1475.51 and instead decline beneath 1451.00, my work will trigger an initial WARNING SIGNAL that a surprisingly strong period of declining prices is developing.
See article with chart. 

Risk Management for Technical Traders [Interview Excerpt]
Tips from EWI Senior Analyst Jeffrey Kennedy's Stocks and Commodities interview
By Elliott Wave International

"Being an analyst and trader involves two totally separate skill sets. As an analyst, you are a master of observation. You are focusing on what could happen. As a trader, your primary focus is on what is happening..." Read more.


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