Friday, January 18, 2013

stock pick for 01/18/2013
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The Ragin Cajun's list of ideas looks as good as any:

Like I've said, I just have no words for what's going on in the markets, sigh, just horrible price action in the Q's, yesterday looked like a break out was finally going to happen, then we closed back down into the upper portion of the range again, I want the damn thing to go up, or DOWN, so I can sell some thing against a straddle I have. At the bottom the MACD is trying to give a sell signal, the STOCH is over bought and on a sell signal already. The top chart has some Money Flow indicators and the CCI on it, the last two are diverging against the highs made a couple of weeks ago, and the CMF at the top is turning down.
Can it go up?? Sure it can, like I said before, it, SHOULD, have had a LOCK on $68, and then "probably" back to the highs around $70, I would think that the fact that we haven't been able to get in gear moving higher has to be a concern for the bulls.

INTC reported last night and, geeze, what a horrible "Bull Trap" it's setting up, it had the hughest volume on it in quite some time yesterday, and was up 2.58% going into the report, I guess it meeced as it was trading down five percent around $21.50 the last I saw it in the after hours, essentially trapping every one who bought into it not only yesterday, but probably since the start of the year, depending on where it opens this morning. I, of course, like the out fit, but I won't be remotely interested unless it trades BAC down to the $19.50 area, and holds. 

Speaking of BAC, it's become the poster child for the Bull shit going on during the current earnings season, I heard Bubble Vision crowing about how 75% of the S and P 500 stocks that have reported so far are beating, "ESTIMATES", hhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, well, YEA, no shit Gomer, BAC is typical, they, quote, "BEAT", the, quote, "ESTIMATES", that were for EPS of 2, yea, that's, TWO CENTS, by reporting a WHOOPING, THREE, cents, hahahahahahhaha, the problem is, is that before the ANAL-yst started SLASHING "estimates", like they have on most of the S and P, the ANAL-yst had them at over TWENTY STINKING CENTS, so what they had done was lower the "estimates" by almost 20 fricking times LOWER, just so their mouth piece at Bubble Vision could crow about the greeeeaaaaaaaaaaattttttt.... BEAT!!
We won't know if earnings for the S and P come in lower for the THIRD quarter in a row or not for another month or so, but if BAC is typical of how they were using their PUMPED UP "estimates" on FORWARD EARNINGS to try and claim the S and P is CHEAP for NEXT YEAR, well, it will be interesting to see how they start spinning it next quarter. Of course, lousy earnings won't keep the SPY from going higher, as all "investor's" care about is how much money Bennie Da Pumper can create out of thin air, currently at 85 BILLION a month, that he can use to buy the shit assets off of his precious masters on Da Street.

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