Thursday, January 03, 2013

Here's a similar chart to what I showed on AA yesterday, the only difference being that instead of being a piece of junk like AA, this out fit is............................REALLY A PIECE OF JUNK!!!!!!!!!!!
I drove by their mine at Mountain Pass when I headed down to Southern PruneyVille this past week, the first time in about five or six years, and I have to admit that it LOOK's like, they've done some, "stuff", so maybe they aren't a complete Ponzi scheme. There's really no target on this thing, I mean, who knows, it could go back to $60, or, ZERO, I'd definitely have a stop on it, unless you plan on riding it to ZERO!
Speaking of AA, it's no mystery that it stopped at $9 yesterday, that's kind of WHOLE number resistance, once it clears this the next resistance is about $9.20, then $9.50.
Markets are just kind of wallowing around this morning, as they digest a YEAR's move in the last two days.


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