Tuesday, January 01, 2013


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, all that BULL SHIT yesterday, and we actually went OVER the, "CLIFF", as the Senate didn't reach an agreement until about an hour ago, WAD EVER, I can't be bothered with it, as I'm celebrating the New Year by washing clothes at 2 am, sigh, I fell asleep, TWICE, last night before about 8pm, on the couch, went to bed, rolled around, and finally gave the ghost up.
ANYWAY, "THEY", did, EXACTLY, what I thought, "THEY", would do, which is, NOT A DAMN THING!! Well, actually, they did do some thing, they put the income ceiling at 450K, MUCH lower than the 1 Mil the Republicrats wanted, they raised the dividend tax to 20%, raised estate tax's, cut some deductions, and they basically averted about 2/3's of the possible "CLIFF" drags, BUTT, it still takes about a 200 BILLION bite out of the economy next, eeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr, THIS, year, hahahaha, gotta get used to 2013. But the absolute WORST thing is they kicked the can on the "Sequester", moving it two months down the road, meaning the massive Defense cuts are STILL up in the air, meaning we probably have two more months of the PURE bull shit we've had the LAST TWO MONTHS! Sigh, wad ever, in other news we went OVER the DEBT CEILING last night, which set's up another fight like we had in August of two years ago, Congress still has to approve the Senate bill today, which I'm not sure is such a done deal in itself, I don't know where Boner is going to get the votes, unless about 50 of his Republicrats break their pledges, sigh, well, DOUBLE sigh!
With all the yelling and screaming yesterday the Q's are basically back in the middle of DOG SHIT city, right where we have been for two months, Udder Dan Da little November dip, until we get over that $66.34 "area", and HOLD, this thing could go any where. The STOCH triggered a buy, but in one of those unusual situations we had a "DEATH CROSS" of the 50 and 200 MA's, but we had a "GOLDEN CROSS" of the ones I watch, which is the 20 and 50 MA's, that's why I put the green circle with a red circle outside of it on that chart, TRULY, I just have NO IDEA how this turns out, the only thing I DO know, is above $66.34 and I'll probably have to get long, sigh.
The "internals" are really FREAKY Maaaaaaannnnnn, the $NYMO never got low enough to trigger a buy signal, and even with the 2% pump yesterday it only got back to basically ZERO! But in a REALLY freaky one, the god damed $NYSI actually triggered a SELL signal yesterday, can you freaking believe that!! Even worse, the "indicators" back it up, with both the RSI and STOCH triggering SELL signals, hell, even the MACD is trying to trigger, sigh, just a freaking bunch of crap. Thank god for individual stocks, all those picks I had did really well, but, of course, they could all absolutely DUMP tomorrow, hahahahaha, who knows.

ANYWAY, best of luck to every one in the "NEW" Year, I say that in quotes, for in reality we are actually probably going to be back in the sameo crapo situation we were in the last two months.

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