Friday, January 04, 2013

Futures are basically flat after the Government lied better than it usually does, DOW up about 15 points, after the payroll report came in a little better than expected at 155K.

I was looking through the list of new 52 week lows yesterday, mainly because we had a huge spike in the number of new 52 week HIGHS, and what popped up was some of the department stores and "dollar" stores, as I guess the consumer hasn't gotten Bubblevision's yelling and screaming message about how great this economy is.
I have KSS on that chart because it has the "WALMART": pattern on it, Wally World traded between 40-50 for a decade before this past year, when, SUDDENLY, "Investor's" decided they wanted to pay UP for it, taking it above $70, hahahahahahahah, wad ever, go for it, ANY WAY, as you can see, KSS has traded between $40 and $55 for the last decade, and is currently trading at the LOW end of the range, AND, therefore, if you are the "Investing" type, you MIGHT want to consider it in your portfolio.

I have that chart of the New Highs/New Lows, $NYNL, up there, because as you can see, in previous instances when we've had a HUGE spike of NEW HIGHS, like we had yesterday, the "market" has not reacted favorably for the Bull's down the road. It don't mean it's going to happen AGAIN, I'm just saying that, well, it's happened before.

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