Friday, January 11, 2013

At one point that was a pretty ugly looking Bearish Engulfing bar, then we got a great "save", and closed back at the open. I might call that the dreaded "Hanging Man" candle right at a double top, but I'm not allowed to say bad things like that by the SEC, I can only say good things, so........... GOOD THINGS!

It don't matter any way, we were moving higher in the after hours after AMEX came out and said they were laying off 5400 people, Wall Street LOVES this of course, as they can black mail their lackies in Congress to get another bail out by us tax payers, OR, they will threaten to lay off ANOTHER eight million Americans and take their jobs over to the Foxconner's in China for 30 cents an hour!!
PLUS, Bennie Da Pumper, or "The Bernack", admitted that he panicked at the lows, and pumped the ENTIRE 85 BILLION dollars he was going to give GS, JPM, BAC, MS, etc etc, over the course of the month, which, naturally, sent the Street into a tizzy over what in the hell to do with all that ill gained FREE cash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Obviously, I guess, we are probably going to attack $68, where it may or may not slow us up, then it's BAC up to the old highs, which if you didn't know, the SPY has already taken out those old highs from September, so at this point the Q's are actually lagging pretty bad, and will probably play catch up pretty fast.
And so Bennie said, ONWARD AND UPWARD!!!!!!!

I'm not doing any scanning here, it's worthless as, well, either it's going up or it's not, IE, buy things going higher and don't buy the Udder things. I'm not shorting, that's for sure...............YET!


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