Saturday, December 29, 2012

Top and Worst Performing ETF's for 2012

The Bench Mark for these ETF's is, of course, the SPY, which is up 14.05% for the year, but of course, it may LOSE 14.05% on Monday, hahahahahaha, who fricking knows. 
By the way, Vanguard's S and P 500 ETF, VOO, was up one tenth of a percent less, at 14.04%, but trades at $64.09, or, for us cheap bastards, at less than half of the SPY.

These are the top performing Vanguard ETF's over the past year, Vanguard has a total of 66 funds, VNQI, Vanguard Ex-US Real Estate, gained 40.94%, VFH, Vanguard Financial, gained 24.46%, VCR, Consumer Discretionary, gained 22.35%, and VGK, the Europe ETF, gained 19.35%, Yea, Europe was number four.

Two of the worst performing ETF's were bond funds, BSV and VGSH, VDE, the Energy fund, gained 1.29%, and VPU, the Utility fund, gained 0.45%. It's interesting, not one of their funds lost money.

There's over 1400 ETF's, so I narrowed them down to just those that trade over 50K shares a day, of those the VIX derivatives had the best gains, XIV gained 141.21% with SVXY gaining 136.61%. The best "normal" ETF's were, again, financials, FAS, at 78.16%, and ITB, the Home Builders, at 74.57%. By the way, the best COUNTRY ETF, TUR, Turkey, just missed the list, coming in fifth at 63.58%.

The worst ETF's are not worth showing charts on, they are all those stinking VIX derivatives, UVXY, TVIX, VXX, and VIIX, losing 96, 96, 75 and 75% respectively. The worst performing ETF's that are linked to an actual product were all the SAME product, Natural Gas, Yea, with all the screaming about the Balkan and Nat gas they were the worst, with DGAZ, BOIL and GASL losing from 63 to 52%.

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