Saturday, December 29, 2012

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Those are some LONG "Ideas" for any one stupid, eeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr, BRAVE, enough, to consider trading on Monday, any one with about a five minute time horizon that is. The SPY lost another dollar, or about ten handles on the futures, after hours Friday, after the Republicrats walked out on the famous Obama meeting after a few minutes, sending Da Street into a tizzy over the possible loss of their Welfare payments.

I haven't said much about the "CLIFF" because, well, I consider it the stupidest fricking thing I've ever heard, Bubblevision has been just unwatchable as all they talk about is the stupid thing, with their rise above bull shit, I mean, they talk a lot about the tax increases on the "average" American, but all they REALLY care about is their precious Corporate sponsor's, and I'll say the same thing about our A-hole Congressmen and Senator's, any "DEAL" they reach is going to rip, US, a new one, put BILLIONS more into the pockets of Wall Street, who will turn around and continue to make those very same Congressmen and Senator's the richest bastards on the planet!!!! I mean, YOU KNOW, they'll just do some kind of stop gap measure at 11:59 Monday night, to extend and pretend into the new year, and go on their merry way, WAD EVER!!

ANYWAY, CNO, one of my favorite companies as they paid me a LOT of money after my wife died eleven years ago (I may have been the final straw that sent them into BK, hahahaha), is in a nice triangle and "COULD" be getting ready to make another Equal Move, that "MIGHT" take it to the $11 "area". Same thing with DRC, the "Equal Move" works out to about $64 on it. Another of my favorite outfits, MTW, well, that is, they, WERE, one of my fav's until the dumb bastards brought that stainless steel outfit, hahahaha, geeze, talk about expanding into an area you know NOTHING about, anyway, it broke out and has dropped back to "TEST" the break out point at $15, the only reason I mention it is because your STOP is EXTREMELY obvious, UNDER $15 and I wouldn't be hanging around to long. The other two, PSX and USG, are "Channeling" stocks, which have pulled BAC to the BOTTOM of the Channel's, and, again, the reason I mention them is because it set's up your STOP, which is EXACTLY right AT............................................................(do I HAVE to mention IT?????)


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