Thursday, December 27, 2012

"THEY", are, TRYING, to flush us here, or, at least, they are giving a decent imitation of it. The problem, if you want to call it that, is lack of volume, half way through the day there is only about 18 million shares going across, Ya Know, 40 mil would be above the recent average, but I'd prefer to see it numbered in the HUNDREDS of MILLIONS!
Anyway, we have a MILE to go, to get "over sold", at least on the indicators we do, also I'd like to see divergences get set up, but of course, to do THAT, we'd have make a bottom some time, rally, and THEN, come back and BREAK that prior low, with positive divergences in the "indicators", which means, AGAIN, we are a MILE away from doing any thing like that.
I have a trend line on that chart that comes in from the October low of last year, at the red arrow. IF, down the road, "THEY", pretend like they are finding support on that line, well, I'm going to be REALLY upset, because if you look to the left, it hit's in an area of NO prior support, it's out in an air pocket between the November low and the gap up the next day, sigh, yea, I wouldn't like it at all if they decide to bounce there.

Wad ever, I hope your enjoying your kids enjoying their Christmas toys, and practicing up on all your habits for bowl day on January first, AND NOT GETTING INVOLVED WITH THIS BULL SHIT! The only reason we are down, of course, is Da Boyz are upset that the Aholes in Washington have not reached an agreement on how much TAX PAYER money they are going to PAY to WALL STREET, to SAVE us all, AGAIN, THE BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, they are expressing their displeasure by taking the market down, and hoping the IDIOTS panic, and COW COW to Wall Streets DEMANDS!


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