Friday, December 21, 2012

The initial reaction to the failure of "PLAN B" from Outer Space sent the ES futures down over 50 points last night, but as you can see they have stabilized since that time, the DOW is down about 160 points, that drop on the ES equated to about a 500 point drop on the DOW which sounds a LOT more logical to me.
I mean, if it's so IMPORTANT, why drop a lousy 160 points, GO FOR IT, WHY NOT 1600 POINTS?????
ANYWAY, never fear, Bennie Da Pumper, who panic's any time the markets fall, will probably dump another 85 BILLION of dollar bills created out of thin air, into Wall Street, will order's to buy the markets at any cost. So the way I see it, is that, IF, we don't go down and "TEST" that low point from last night, then, the ROACH's probably close us positive.
I guess those charts of all those DOW stocks that were pivoting at crucial points ended up being CORRECT, hahahahahahahaha......................HAH!
Regardless, good luck to you out here in La La Land, and Happy Holidays to you.

The Q's are down about $1.40 in the premarket, at "about" (they change every second, hahahahaha) $64.88, in the red circle. We certainly don't want to lose this level, or we "probably" test that $64 level, which would STILL be, "all right". HOWEVER, should we LOSE $64, THEN, we, PROBABLY, head back to test that November low of $62, as there's nothing but a HUGE Air Pocket under $64, that provides no support. I'm not talking about today of course, I'm just looking over the course of the next week or so, while I'm GONE!

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