Thursday, December 20, 2012

THANK GOD I'M OUTTA HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OK, actually, I'll still be here until this weekend, THEN, I'm outta here, probably until after the first of the year, AND IT CAN'T COME TO STINKING SOON, SIGH!!
Those are the DOW stocks of course, and every one of them, I MEAN, EVERY STINKING ONE OF THEM, had a red candle yesterday, and even WORSE, is a lot of them reversed at very KEY levels to boot! OK, three of them didn't, UTX, INTC, and CAT, but CAT had an ugly candle at the end of a stupid ten day run up.
I mean, it probably don't mean diddly fricking squat, but, then, AGAIN......... IT MIGHT! It certainly doesn't help matters, that's for sure, some body came out last night after hours and said there was another dead lock in the "CLIFF" talks, and the futures went south a little more, wad ever. The Q's closed back under the break out level I've been talking about, at $66.26, the break out was over $66.34, after the news last night they traded down to $66.11 or some thing like that.
Obviously, I'm FED up, hopefully "THEY" take us OVER the "CLIFF", and when I get back we are trading on the SPX at the 2009 DEVIL LEVEL, that is, 666! Serves them right if they are.
Don't get me wrong, there's "stuff" out there every day, but with only a couple of days in my year left, I'm not going to be doing much, if you decide to stick around you might get lucky with a little "Santa" rally, or, "THEY", may KICK THE CAN DOWN THE ROAD, and every thing takes off, so, GOOD LUCK TO YOU!
Besides, none of it matters any way, THE WORLD ENDS ON FRIDAY......................hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAH! What a crack up! Woodshedder mentioned this as a "High and Tight Flag", hot-new-high-tight-flag-for-wednesday, I guess it is, I don't really follow those, you can see how to play it over at Bulkowski's blog.
ANYWAY, IF, you ever see a formation like in that GREEN BOX..........YOU BUY HAND OVER FIST!!!! Geeze, Ya Know, with some thing like 8,000 stocks to see, you miss a lot of these, but that is a classic, ON ANY TIME FRAME! It kept bumping against that $7 level for what, a month, before kind of casually breaking out, you knew EXACTLY where your stop was, I mean, just really good stuff.

Two Signs That Deflation is Far From Over
A key economic index turns south
By Elliott Wave International
The Producer Price Index decline is happening in tandem with a notable reversal in consumer sentiment. The Federal Reserve's machinations -- which includes the Dec. 12 announcement of $45-billion in monthly Treasury bond purchases -- will not stave off a developing deflationary trend. How much farther does the economic cycle have to go before it reaches the bottom? Read more.


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