Wednesday, December 19, 2012

stock pick for 12/19/2012
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Wish you all great trading day!
Ivica Juracic

I have, NO, recommendations, these are a few "Ideas":

I'll just write a big, "COULD", right here, so I don't have to repeat it all the time, as in, COULDA, SHOULDA, WOULDA! The "market" is getting pretty frothy here, it's hard to say when they'll come back to reality, like, EARNINGS, and the fact that the "solution" to the "Cliff", IS, the "Cliff", hahahahahaha! Geeze, I had 285 "items" in the screens tonight, more than I can ever remember, MEANING, that EVERY THING is moving, WHICH, means all the JUNK as well, so, I'd be a little careful out there.
Anyway, speaking of junk, MHR has been basing for seven months, and tried to break out over a very nice trend line with some volume, it's got some resistance above it, but it "COULD" (DRAT! I said I wasn't going to use that word again!) move higher. AH has been basing for eight months, and has NOTHING BUT CLEAR AIR above it, I mean, if it can get it's act together there's nothing to stop it from going MUCH higher. GCI made a nice move up off those June lows, pulled BAC in a little triangle, and has an "Equal Move" target of about $22 should it continue to move higher. ARNA shot up off it's May lows, and has been consolidating in a "FLAG" formation, and should it decide to move higher, it could be looking at a target of $16 down the road.


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