Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hello every one, I sincerely HOPE you are using this time wisely, and spending it with your loved ones. I had to skidaddle out of that STINKING FRICKING HELL HOLE, called Southern Prunepickerville, or SoCal, or Southern California, wad ever you want to call it, before I went fricking POSTAL!!!! God, what a horrible place, anyway, we have snow storms coming in here in Beaver, so I had to leave before I wouldn't be able to get back home for a couple of weeks, and I would have had to spend more time in that God forsaken place, waiting for the snow to clear up here!!
There's actually NOTHING to do, as, NOTHING, has changed, as the world holds it's stupid breath on the stupid idea of the "CLIFF", and the Q's remain probably the single most WONDERFUL chart I have EVER seen, with the single most OBVIOUS trading parameters it could possibly present to you. They "tested" the bottom of the range yesterday, and IF we break UNDER this MAJOR support, we are going back to the November lows in the $62 "area". On the flip side, or the "Bullshitish" side, the "THRUST" off the November bottom, and then this flaggish sideways action since that thrust between $64 and $66, has created the potential for an "Equal Move" scenario once we get a clean break over $66, that will take us right to $68, and, PROBABLY, back up to the September highs around $70. All you have to do is wait for the break, one way or Da Udder, and then use the break out points as your stops, long above $66 with a stop under it, or short under $64 with a stop over it, simple, AIN'T IT! By the way, the, "Indicators", on that chart are saying DOWN, as the RSI is diverging and the MACD is about to do a sell signal, but, HEY, who bother's with stupid indicators.

If you prefer to play individual stocks, here's a couple of "ideas":

I, HATE, the owner of this stinking outfit, as he was on CNBC during the crisis in 08' when his company was going BROKE due to his PISS POOR running of the company, CRYING that congress should save the Country, and more important, HIS COMPANY, by pumping a couple of hundred BILLION dollars into housing, to, SUPPOSEDLY, create JOBS..............hahahahahahahaha, yeaaaaaaa, rriiiiiiigghhhtttt, all he wanted was for US to bail HIM out!!
ANYWAY, sigh, you can't deny the pattern, it's a double inside 1-2-3 pattern, or more likely a 1-2-3-4 pattern from Pristine's list, off that huge volume spike on the latest break out, and this stinking thing COULD be going to $9, or ABOVE and BEYOND! Keep a TIGHT stop on the bastard, for if it fails, it, COULD, be going back to FIVE DOLLARS...........hahahahaha, woooo weeeee, why go to Vegas when you can gamble on some thing like this!!! You might want to consider a stop under the low of the last two days, like under $6.50.

Now, I actually like this outfit, I've been in and out of it for over ten years, PTEN, as Sam Collins noted it has a WONDERFUL channel pattern since the July lows, and if the bastards in Washington are going to send us over the "CLIFF", it MAY pull back to the lower trend line, which could set up a wonderful buying opportunity with a tight stop at that same lower trend line.


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