Friday, December 28, 2012

Crazy, CRAZY, market, it is, futures are down pretty good, SPY about $1.15, the Q's are trading back under the all important $64 level at around $63.90, AAPL down about five bucks, but of course, it all changes second by second depending on the Aholes in DC, sigh, wad ever, just impossible stuff, it is. At this point, if they jam through some kind of "agreement" prior to the clock striking 12 on Monday night, the, "CURE", will be MUCH worse than the disease, for DC just LOVES a crisis.

For those of you with any balls you MIGHT consider the above, UPS and HRB, both have nice pull backs into their rising 20 sma and , COULD, be taken, with an OBVIOUS stop of under that 20 ma.


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