Thursday, November 03, 2011

Ho Hum, just another average night in Da Boyz's play ground, hahahahaha! The DOW dropped 200 points when it appeared that the Greek's might actually, HORROR's, get some fiscal sanity, and then rallied 250 points when it appeared, YEYYYYYYYY, they would continue to put their Great Great Grandchildren into financial slavery!!!!
You know, that bunch over there killed ten's of millions of their citizens only 70 odd years ago, over a lot LESS than what's going on now, BUT, I doubt WWIII will start today, as our weekly payrolls came in a WHOPPING 3K under the dreaded 400K level, so all is right with the world!!
The European Indexes rallied between 2 and 3%, so I guess we have a LOT of room for more upside today, GO FOR IT, YEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAW!!!!

Stock pick for 11/03/2011

Dear traders,
Here are few words from me about tomorrow expectations. I think that all is open in news and whippy market, but for now from my scanning charts say that w e could see more upside action at Thursday. Please note again that all that can change with possible Europe news in any second and because of that I brought possible short ideas what can work if sellers will come. Point is that we are still in high risk period and as traders we must pay attention on that and reduce our risk. Charts don’t suggest at this moment any swing direction and because of that caution and patience will still be very important.
Wish you all good trading day
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