Sunday, November 06, 2011

I would never, NEVER, I tell Ya, say that the MSM FINANCIAL news is scripted in the same manner, as that would imply that Wall Street and their lackeys in our maaaaaaaavelous Government would seem to have a vested interest in the words "BUY BUY BUY"!!!!!!
What I'm talking about starts 1:15 minutes into the video, forget the start of this thing.


boyd7 said...

Hi Cucca Fri Ivicia had IRM on his short list, take A look it looks good long. A break of the trendline makes A tite stop!

boyd7 said...

The Chinese Don’t Issue Shares To “Enrich Foreigners” But To “Impoverish Foreigners.”
"China’s rise has been fueled since 2007 by a bubble in credit there. Faber was vague on when it would burst — now or in three years? — but it’s unsustainable. What’s more, foreigners should beware investing in China’s ongoing construction boom.

Dr. Faber pointed to virtually all U.S. canal and railroad companies going bust in the 19th century, ruining many a foreign investor but leaving North America with an enviable set of infrastructure. He said the Chinese don’t issue shares in companies to “enrich foreigners” but to “impoverish foreigners.” If a foreigner wants to make money in China, Faber said, they should go work there." - in WSJ Blog

Cucca said...

I can't tell you the number of articles I've seen that have pictures of China's GHOST cities, pretty amazing stuff.
Did you sign up for Ivica's service?? I looked at a daily chart of IRM, I see what you mean. It kind of surprises me, as Ivica usually likes some thing with a clearer picture as far as the first leg of the "Equal Move" scenario, this thing to me is basically walking around inside that triangle, waiting to break one way or Da Udder. I havn't looked at the big picture on it, but I might "guess" that this "could" be like a 4th wave triangle on an EWI basis, which would mean a break higher on the final 5th wave UP.

boyd7 said...

Hi Cucca. I don't subscribe to the service, I only see the charts on your blog. IRM is A flip of the coin, it could be setting up an avalanche under the 50 and 200 ma's

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