Tuesday, November 08, 2011

To go with the other weeeeeeird stuff below, the RSI on the SPY actually went DOWN yesterday, very strange indeed, the MACD triggered off a brand new SELL signal, the STOCHRSI actually triggered off a buy signal. 
Anyway, the premarket is open, and it's gapping up, in the little green circle, at $127.18, sitting RIGHT UNDER the 200DMA. Like the guy says on the song above, "This Magic Moment", I'd pay attention to the words, hahahahaha, ESPECIALLY, when he says "IT TOOK ME BY SURPRISE"!!! I mean, don't get me wrong, we could BLAST higher, which would be VERY good, as all my BUY systems are based on pull backs when the stock is ABOVE the 200DMA, BUT, I'd also be surprised that we BLAST through it on the first try. GENERALLY, we fail on the first attempt, pull back, gather some new momentum, and THEN go through it. But, there's so many Fund managers and other's than use that 200 as their demarcation point, that we could get a buying panic.
I'm not going to worry about it, my "main" plan will be to buy the first pull back AFTER we close over it a couple of days, but that could be a BIG assumption on my part though, as I'm assuming we WILL get a pull back, hahahahahahaha!! 
Good luck to you out there in La La Land today.

I'm going to be watching ATVI over the next couple of days, it's basically been going straight up since August, and it released it's new game last night, and is gapping above the Bollinger bands on the daily chart, it, "could", get an exhaustion day, with Da Boyz taking it to all the Johnnie come  Late-lies that are buying the NEWS! I'm not sure, but doesn't that saying go "Buy the Rumor, and SELL the NEWS"???

No stock of the day, Ivica is worried about the markets, squaaakk squaaak squaaaak, hahahaha, wad ever, I don't blame him, he has some stocks he's following:
Dear traders,
I believe that you alls aw yesterday market action. Indecision is very high and look like even day trade (whole day trade) is high risk, I’m still sure that yesterday short setups were taken at right moment but again during doldrums time all back. Obviously this market wait moment for direction and my opinion is that will be down and it will be strong but it is impossible to predict when that will be. I will follow SBUX, CAG, EXC, PFCB (it is still valid from yesterday) for long side and FLR, PHH, TZOO for short side what will include intraday scanning results. At this moment I don’t see reason to post trading plan based on daily time frame because it is really high risk to take swing and my focus will be on 5/15 min setups and if that will turn in to swing then it will be great, but if not we will look for smaller time frame trades. I don’t want to take trade with trading plan based on daily time frame. Also I like to remind then when market is in indecision period like now (it is not first time during my 12 years ) it is also very smart to stay in cash, because for traders who want to stay in this business longer term it is also position as any other trade. Personally my activity will be symbolic.
Wish you all great trading day
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Another one of, THOSE, days, yes it was, as BONDS were UP, STOCKS were UP, the DOLLAR was UP, OIL was, aaaahhhh, UP, GOLD was, aaaahhhh, UP, the only thing DOWN was the $VIX, and that only happened on the pump into the close, it was higher most of the day. IT WAS ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL, GOOD!!
I've seen this before, and, USUALLY, "SOME THING", happens the next day.

The One Thing Missing From This Rally
A key ingredient required to move stocks higher is lacking.Find out what it is.

New formula would reduce Social Security increases 

Another fricking, "modification", of the CPI! You know, I don't argue about the fact that it will reduce the deficit, that's good, ESPECIALLY, taking it away from our "Uncivil" Servants, of course, it's going to KILL Seniors, but of course, I've been saying for a number of years that the bunch in Washington is on a mission to KILL every single Boomer there ever was, AS FAST AS THEY CAN!! That will certainly solve most of our problems, hahahaha, and the Greenman and Bennie Da Pumper have been leading the charge with their ZERO interest rate policies.
What really get's me, is the method they are going to use, I mean, even the dumbest ass Joe Six Pack in the Country knows more about what the REAL inflation rate is than the idiots in DC, all he has to do is look at the cost of that Six pack! Think of what this makes the idiots in DC look like! I mean, it makes them look, well, STUPID! MORE stupid, that is! Eventually of course, this is going to blow up in a HUGE way, but by then we will all be dead anyway. 
Speaking of dumb asses, if you people don't throw EVERY stinking one of those Bum's in DC out next fall, well, we deserve what we get. 
Since I'm on the rag here, I gotta tell you about an old movie I like that I watched last week, "Seven Days In May", with Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas. In the movie they have this Old alcoholic Senator that goes down to Texas looking for this secret Army base, he fly's down on a commercial air craft, in COACH, and rents an old Dodge Dart, or some thing like that. Another guy, who is comparable to the White House Chief of Staff, is killed when the plane he is flying home on is bombed by the New York Tories, IE, the people who are trying to commit Treason, and take over the Country. He's killed, along with all the other passengers, on the COMMERCIAL AIR LINE he's flying back to Washington in!!! You know, we didn't think any thing of that back then, they were just EXPECTED to do stuff like that, IE, NOT blow the tax payers money. I bring it up, because compare that to what that, CONGRESS WOMAN, was doing, I'm talking about Nancy "We Have to PASS the Healthcare Bill First In order to see what's in it" Pelosi. She spent MILLIONS, on her personal Air Force jets, as detailed here, http://www.judicialwatch.org/news/2011/jan/judicial-watch-uncovers-new-documents-detailing-pelosis-use-air-force-aircraft-2010.
My question is, WHY DO WE EVEN PAY THESE PEOPLE TO BEGIN WITH??? I mean, sure, we should probably provide them with a dorm room while they are in Washington, with a one holer for every floor, and maybe a once a day jaunt to the CAFETERIA, BUT THESE PEOPLE ARE JUST OUT OF FRICKING CONTROL!! I say, make their various political parties pay their $175K salary every year!!!! It's supposed to be an honor to serve their country, well, THAT SHOULD BE MORE THAN ENOUGH!
Wad ever, I'm sure I've raised enough Ire to get it all changed, hahahahahahaha...........HAH!

No shit gomer, NBC poll: Despite national pessimism, Obama tops GOP foesthe Republicrat's are doing every thing they can to insure THEIR candidate wins next fall, that is, in conjunction with their partners, the Democan's! Geeze, what a bunch of horrible candidates, sigh. 


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