Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ford Gets Demolished In The Latest Consumer Reports Reliability Ratings

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Ya know, I read that article because that's definitely NOT good news for Ford, for as Chrysler and GM have found out through the year's, if you build a piece of JUNK, people will NOT COME!! Any way, I'm laughing because the WORST reputation, once again, is, TA DUM, JAGUAR!!! For those of you young'ins that have NOT been buying cars for over 40 years, I've heard that about that stinking outfit from the very first time I ever brought a car, geeze, you'd THINK, that they would eventually get their fricking act together!!!   

Trade Setups for Wednesday 26th, October 2011

Long ideas:

IMPORTANT: Take only the opportunities that you really like and understand. Always enter a trade with a trading plan. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me. There is a much greater chance of success in your trading if you understand the trade. That is very important. Taking just a few trades is enough to be a successful trader. Overtrading is probably the number one reason new traders fail. I personally mostly take swing trades. Please remember to keep that in mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
Good luck trading today!
Ivica Juracich

The Market Is Gassed -- Short Techs Now 
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A Bear Play for an Overvalued Tech Stock
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We closed Monday at R1 on the WEEKLY PP's, or Pivot Points, the weekly PP is at $122.43, the black horizontal line, and under that and we start searching for the S points, or support areas. The most expensive retailer in the History of the World, AMZN, was having a NFLX moment in the after hours last night, down over 40 some points at one time, but I've seen this thing do it before and go green the next day, wad ever, the SPY was unfazed by it and actually went up a few cents, so I have NO IDEA where we open in the morning, tomorrow is the BIG DAY in the Euro zone, as I guess they vote on lending the dead beats more money so the can make the interest payments on the money they ALREADY borrowed.
S1 is at $120.74, which also brings that rising 20 MA into play, that was also the low of five days in a congestion zone just to the left of that, so that would be my line in the sand as far as thinking about going LONG in this thing. If we lose THAT support, then we are obviously after the 50% retracement of the recent rally, which sits at the green line at $116.54, which is also, CLOSE, to S2 at $117.51, so I would also get kind of interested in buying in that area, should we get there. Any close under that $116.54, and it's probably adios MF'er, as we'll be after the lows before the dumb ass rally, and maybe even LOWER.
The key number is the PP at $122.43, any thing under that is going to be pretty dicey as far as trying to LONG it.
The red boxes are the month and beyond directly AFTER earnings season over the last two years, as it looks it has NOT been unusual to have some, aaahhhhhhhh, volatility, following earnings season. The MO has been, that as HOPE always springs eternal in the stock market, we rally IN BETWEEN earnings season, as Da Boyz drive us up into them, earnings come out, every one says THEY SUCK, then the ANAL-LIST come out, and say, AAAAHHHHHH, BUT WAIT UNTIL NEXT EARNINGS SEASON!! HAHAHAHAHA, just my way of having a little fun, and being my typical Ahole self.
Speaking of WalMart vs AMZN (I, WAS, wasn't I??), the value gal on Fast Money, Karen, had some interesting stat's on them. At one point in it's life, Wally World had close to the ASTRONOMICAL valuations that AMZN currently carries, mainly going into 1999, and it's gone side ways for the last ten years as it GROWS into those valuations. For AMZN to do the same thing, it would have to stay where it is NOW, and go side ways for the next TEN YEARS, and grow earnings at a DOUBLE DIGIT rate during each of those ten years, to get to the valuation that WMT currently sits at. Karen, who has made no secret of her disdain for this over valued piece of junk, said that no one in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD has ever grown earnings at a double digit rate over a long period like that.


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