Monday, October 10, 2011

WOOOO HOOO: Futures are flying this morning, DOW up about 140 points, as Germany and France agreed to loan MORE money to those countries that don't have a PRAYER of paying back the money they've already borrowed, BUT, at least they will be able to kick the can down the road to the eventual massive defaults, and in the mean time they can pay the interest on the prior money they borrowed.
The borrowers are now known as the PIIG.......E......S, as Egypt has now joined the hand out brigade, 

Ordinarily I'd say a big gap like this is a "SELL THE WORLD", but I'm not so sure here, I mean, the chart LOOKS good, it's an ascending triangle, and we COULD definitely go higher, as the dollar is getting absolutely ripped in the premarket, with gold flying, oil flying, bonds flying (well, the interest rate is FLYING), so it's ALL GOOD. They actually aren't giving the money directly to the PIIGES, it's going to Da Boyz, like GS, JPM, MS, etc etc etc, so they can recapitalize, and take a RISK ON view, as they figure they can make a ton of money off the new issuance, and lock the PIIGES into financial slavery for the rest of my life. Plus, they figure it any of them DO default, they will be able to force Germany and France to pay them back, until they break THEM, as they will pocket ALL the gains, and pass any losses on to the various tax payers, which, more than likely, means the AMERICAN tax payer, as it's obvious that with the dump in the dollar, Bennie Da Pumper and Tax Cheatin Timmy are using our dollar's to fund the whole thing. 

Stock pick for 10/10/2011

YOU KNOW, I, LOVE, Ivica, you know THAT, geeze, I post enough of his picks for you to get the general idea, BUT, I think I gotta, aaaaaaahhhhhhhh, PASS, on this one. Actually, I'm passing because with all the love I give him, I want to act "fair and balanced", and show I'm not a complete sycophant, hahahahaha!
The first thing I notice, is that this is totally, I mean TOTALLY, different than his, NORMAL, set ups, that is, where he generally uses an "equal move" pattern, and I get the feeling he's "searching" to hard (IE, he couldn't find any thing better), and what he's doing here, is BOTTOM FISHING! Of course, that's MY main pattern, hahahahahahaha, as I'll admit, I YAM A SLIMY BOTTOM FISHER! But ya know, when I go bottom fishing, I, GENERALLY, bottom fish in some stock that I'm pretty sure that in case this thing goes against me, like some type of newsy huge gap down, EVENTUALLY I'LL GET MY MONEY BACK!! I have NO such confidence in this thing, as the "metrics" at the bottom are not to stinking, aaaaaahhhhhhh, encouraging, and there's a lot of weird conflicting shit on them, like, they say it's ONLY going to LOSE 17 cents NEXT year, and yet right under that they say it's going to LOSE 22 cents NEXT QUARTER, so are they saying that it's going to actually have POSITIVE earnings for the three quarters after that in the next year??? I DON'T THINK SO!! This thing is BLEEDING CASH, and so far has not shown an ability to turn it around. The EPS "projections" under that crack me up, number one of course is that you need to see a bigger picture than the EPS going UP 73.4% NEXT year, as they are still LOSING money, but even worse is that they then turn around and say that over the next FIVE years the earnings are only going to go UP 30%, so I guess that means that after next year, their EPS is going to go DOWN 43.4% OVER THE NEXT FOUR YEARS!!!
Wad ever, I also have a few technical issues with this as well, number one being that, technically, I DON'T DO BIOTECHS, HAHAHAHAHA!! Number two, when you expand the daily chart out, this is nothing more than a HUGE descending triangle, and on an "equal move" basis, this thing points WAY BELOW ZERO, AND, number three, it's working on a TRIPLE BOTTOM, and we ALL know, THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS A TRIPLE BOTTOM, and number four, and not shown, on the weekly chart, it has a BEARISH ENGULFING CANDLE ON IT!!!!
Other than those minor items above, I COMPLETELY agree with Ivica, and, YOU, should buy it, one good thing is that you definitely know where your STOP is, that is, if you don't get impaled with a 90% GAP DOWN FIRST!!! Besides, with all my mouthing off about how BAD this thing is, you know, I mean, YOU KNOW, it's going to work out for him, hahahahaha!!!


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